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Darius, Year 201. Invasion!

The vicious Belsar have attacked the peaceful Darius system, which now faces absolute devastation at their abominable hands! Darius' defense fighters proved no match for the overwhelming firepower of the alien forces, which wiped out their entire fleet in one fell swoop!

With nothing left to protect them, the people could only sit and wait for the icy embrace of death as the satellite bombardments continued unopposed. The scent of despair hung thickly in the air, all hope of survival having been quashed.

But then, from out of the darkness of the mourning clouds came a single bright light in the sky.


Like a phoenix brought forth from the embers of a burning world, the bird shaped visage became a beacon of the planet's last fight for survival! Perhaps the end is not as nigh as it first appeared.


Release Dates
Game Mode
Co-operative, Single player
Arcade, Shooter
Action, Science fiction
Localized titles
Japan: ダライアス