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Dark Colony

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Genre: Adventure, Fighting, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Shooter, Strategy

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Dark Colony is a real-time strategy with heavy emphasis on the actual combat. Resource gathering, base construction and unit production have been made as simple and fast as possible, allowing the player to focus on decimating the enemy armies. Ancient artifacts, available in some of the missions, provide unique options for beating the odds, even when they seem to be against you (and they often will).

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7 reviews

Alright 80%

It is amazing how much this game manages to achieve with so little of available resources. It would be safe to say that this game comes from a time when the technology available to produce it was very basic and very limited in capabilities. It even had a separate version for DOS. Thus it is surprising how fun such an old under-the-radar title can be. You fight a war of humans versus martians and that's kind of the whole plot summed up. Start of w... Read More

Positive points
-Massive drawn out battles with hundreds of units
-Immersive atmosphere
-Peculiar unit and building design
-Immersive sound
Negative points
-Slow pace of battle
-Spikes of difficulty in campaign
-Little emphasis on tactics


In a gloomy not-so-distant future, mankind have finally made it to Mars. The colonization of the red planet is vital for humanity's survival, as the heavily polluted Earth's resources are nearly depleted. At the same time, the Taar, a mysterious alien race that lost their homeworld many centuries ago, has decided to take Mars as their new home.

As the war between the two species erupts, the player has to choose his side and lead his people to ultimate domination over the red planet. Things become even more complicated when the ruins of an extinct ancient civilization are found on Mars, revealing immensely destructive weapons that could easily turn the tide of the war in favor of the faction that manages to gain control over them first.