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Melbos Review [10.0/10]

Melbo created

I'm a very very big fan of the previous Dark Souls but I must say this is my favourite souls and also one of my favourite games of all time. Overall the combat mechanics improve upon the quick, but at times clunky, combat of the first game. It did this instead of heading for a slower combat like the second game, which recieved much criticism fo...

Shadibms Review [9.0/10]

Shadibm created

I don’t think i can add to what many have already written about this game, i have not have the luck to play the first 2 parts, but the game is a must have, an essential experience for an amazing story, graphics, and controls There is no word but , spectacular to may be describe the game

MadnessDudes Review [10.0/10]

MadnessDude created

Dark Souls 3 in a nutshell: - Great game mechanics - Great gamelplay - Great story - Great COOP/MP This is legit one of the best games I've ever played, if you get your hands on this game, be sure to be prepped. 10/10

LadyQarmas Review [9.0/10]

LadyQarma created

This iteration of the Dark Souls series is phenomenal! I enjoy the amount of options to play the game your way. I really like the challenges and content. One of my favorite aspects is the boss fights. They outdid themselves. Though, it is easy to get the bosses confused or just to remember all the different methods and strategies. I created a li...