Darkest Dungeon

The game is a side-scrolling gothic role-playing game with a turn-based combat system. The player explores dungeons with a four-hero team. While players can only explore with four heroes, they will be able to recruit and manage around a ...

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Review: Omatte20s Review

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Don't be fooled by this games amazing artwork and diverse cast of characters, its a hard game. It'll kick your ass 50 different times, that is until you start to find your favorite combinations of characters. Each character brings to the table different play styles, weapons, effects, as well as positions they would best preform in.

At it's heart, this game is a strategy game. You will need to pay attention to the choices you make cause it might ( a probably will) lead to your death.

All in all, it's a good strategy game for those who like to use the smallest advantage possible to win.

Positive points
  • Character Design
  • Overall artwork
  • Story is enough to keep you interested
  • Narration is on point
Negative points
  • It WILL KICK your ass, so be prepared.


Total score