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Darksiders III - The Way to Mediocrity [6.0/10]

Ripsie created

- The World - While being significantly smaller in scale than Darksiders II, the world of Darksiders III feels as empty. You can backtrack to find weapon enhancements and hidden loot or fight optional bosses, but none of it really adds anything significant to the gameplay experience. Bar some exceptions, the world itself looks very similar ...

datacenters Review [2.0/10]

datacenter created

The game is a AAA title, but all in all It is just a descent console port. The moment I saw the lock system and that the fighting depends heavily on that I knew that this game is Not made for the PC market in mind. You have to lock yourself to a enemy and use a key to switch between them... come on... I have a mouse and I do not need that ****...

WraithWards Review [8.0/10]

WraithWard created

Darksiders 3 is definitely a game from the Darksiders universe. In short, the game has big shoes to feel and it does an OK job doing it but it left me wanting more. Darksiders 3 does seem a bit lacking when compared to its series brethren, at least for those who come in with high expectations. However, the game would have benefited from more ri...