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Day of the Tentacle (Credits)


Dave GrossmanWriter and Designer
Tim SchaferWriter and Designer
Gwen MusengwaProgrammer
Judith LuceroProgrammer
Jonathan AckleyProgrammer
Ron BaldwinProgrammer
Dave GrossmanProgrammer
Tim SchaferProgrammer
Peter ChanLead Artist
Larry AhernLead Animator
Peter ChanStylist / Background Artist
Larry AhernCharacter Designer
Lela DowlingAnimator
Kyle BaldaAnimator
Sean Turner (I)Animator
Jesse ClarkAnimator
Jesse ClarkArt Technician
Ron LussierArt Technician
Clint BajakianMusic
Peter McConnellMusic
Michael LandMusic
Ron BaldwinDigital Effects Editing
Jo AshburnLead Tester
Leyton ChewTesting
Chip HinnenbergTesting
Brett TostiTesting
Mark A. NadeauTesting
Doyle GilstrapTesting
Matthew ForbushTesting
Ron GilbertSCUMM System
Aric WilmunderSCUMM System
Brad P. TaylorSCUMM System
Vince LeeSCUMM System
Michael LandiMuse
Peter McConnelliMuse
Tamlynn BarraVoices Producer and Director
Aric WilmunderVoice Technology
Dave GrossmanStory
Tim SchaferStory
Ron GilbertStory
Gary WinnickStory
Ron GilbertBased on the Characters Created by
Gary WinnickBased on the Characters Created by
Tim SchaferProducer and Director
Dave GrossmanProducer and Director
Room 222 StudiosVoice Recorded at (Support Company)
Justin GrahamAdditional Voice Tools
Gwen MusengwaVoice Editing
Claire BarraultVoice Editing
Claire BarraultProduction Assistance
Casey Donahue AckleyAdditional Production Assistance
Tony HsiehAdditional SCUMM Programming
Michael StemmleAdditional SCUMM Programming
Sean ClarkAdditional SCUMM Programming
Toshi MoritaRenegade Hacking
Justin GrahamRenegade Hacking
Robin ParkerProduct Marketing Manager
Sue SesermanPublic Relations Manager
Meredith CahillDistribution Manager
Teri Soo HooPackage Design
Wallace PoulterField Marketing Coordinator
Jo AshburnProofreading
Judith LuceroProofreading
Bill EakenArt Support and Advice
Hal BarwoodOpening Fixer
Khris BrownCatering
Gwen SchaferCatering
Edith FoxCatering
Kelly FlockGeneral Manager
Jack SorensenDirector of Business Operations
Steve DautermanDirector of Development
Mary BihrDirector of Marketing
Collette MichaudArt Department Manager
Khris BrownProduct Support Manager
Mara KaehnProduct Support
Tabitha TostiProduct Support
Jason DeadrichProduct Support
Andrew NelsonProduct Support
Renée EvansProduct Support
Wayne ClineQuality Assurance Supervisor
Lisa StarInternational Administrator
Tom CaudleComputer Systems Department
Randy SpencerComputer Systems Department
Tom McCarthyAccounting
Neena BonettiAccounting
Jonathan GoiogorskyAccounting
Debbie EpidendioAccounting
Greg RoblesAccounting
Dawn YamadaAdministrative Support
Judy AllenAdministrative Support
Lori BeckAdministrative Support
Christen DarnellAdministrative Support
Alexa EurichAdministrative Support
Michele HarrellAdministrative Support
Paul ThermidorEncironmental Technician
Joellen ReissDirect Sales Manager
Gabriel McDonaldWarehouse Manager
Zachary ChanThanks
Chris ChanThanks
Ernest MusengwaThanks
Lucy BradshawThanks
Valerie KausenThanks
Maurice NobleThanks
Noah FalsteinThanks
Kirk RoulstonThanks
Hal BarwoodThanks
Khris BrownThanks
John NewtonThanks
Nancy NewtonThanks
Linda JonesFurther Thanks
Chuck JonesFurther Thanks
Steve PurcellSam and Max appear courtessy of

Day of the Tentacle

92 /100

Released: 1993

Day of the Tentacle, also known as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, is a 1993 graphic adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It is the sequel to the 1987 game Maniac Mansion. The game's plot...