Age Rating for Dead Rising 4

This is an action game in which players assume the role of Frank West, a photojournalist as he investigates a zombie outbreak in a fictional town. As players explore the open-world environment, they use blades, firearms, explosives, and exo suits to kill hordes of roaming zombies and other human survivors. Players can also combine various tools/objects to create weapons and vehicles (e.g., flamethrower drones, bazooka cannons, ice-chain guns). Blood-splatter effects occur frequently as zombies are often dismembered and decapitated; finishing attacks are sometimes highlighted by slow-motion effects and close-up camera angles. The words “f**k” and “sh*t” are heard in the dialogue.
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 18 years and over only. It contains: Extreme violence - Violence towards defenceless people - Strong language
Bad LanguageViolence