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Dead Space 3: Awakened

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Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Left for dead on the devastated planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke and John Carver face a daunting journey. As madness takes hold, they realize they can no longer trust their eyes or each other. Their trek leads them back to the derelict ship Terra Nova, now home to twisted Unitologists intent on transforming it into a temple of flesh and blood. The horror continues as the Dead Space saga enters its darkest chapter.

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2 reviews

Fair 70%

The content in itself is enjoyable, especially the hallucinations are building up a terrifying atmosphere, but the price tag is waaaaay too high. For 10$ you get recycled environments from the main game, 2 hours of gameplay, 4 new enemy types and the shittiest moon-stock footage presented in a cutscene you could come up with in 2013. My rating is more of a 6,5/10. My main point of criticism is basically the prize. A couple of years ago this woul... Read More