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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (Credits)

Blizzard North

Max SchaeferExecutive Producer
Mike MorhaimeExecutive Producer
Pete BrevikDesign Lead
Matt HouseholderProducer
Ken WilliamsProducer
Tyler ThompsonProject Lead
Ted BissonProgrammer
Peter HuProgrammer
Doug McCrearyProgrammer
Divo PalinkasProgrammer
Michael ScandizzoProgrammer
Steven WooProgrammer
Anthony RiveroLead Character Artist
Alan AckemanCharacter Artist
Cheeming BoeyCharacter Artist
Evan CarrollCharacter Artist
Michael DashowCharacter Artist
Kelly JohnsonCharacter Artist
John KubascoCharacter Artist
Michio OkamuraCharacter Artist
Chris RootCharacter Artist
Phil ShenkCharacter Artist
Alex MunnLead Background Artist
Ben BoosBackground Artist
David GlennBackground Artist
Mark SutherlandBackground Artist
Marc TattersallBackground Artist
Fred VaughtBackground Artist
Grant WilsonLevel Design
Derek McAuleyLevel Design
Stefan ScandizzoLevel Design
Matt UelmenSound Lead and Music Composer
Scott PetersenSound Effects and Mix Master
Evan CarrollStory and Dialogue
Matt HouseholderStory and Dialogue
Chris MetzenStory and Dialogue
Joe MorrisseyStory and Dialogue
Chris ArretcheAdditional Design
Eric SextonAdditional Design
Bill TubbsAdditional Design
Music Recorded in Bratislave, Slovakia
Slovak Radio Symphony OrchestraPerformed by (Support Company)
Kirk TrevorConductor
Hubert GeschwardterRecording Engineer
Emil NiznarskyMusic Director
Marian TurnerManaging Director
Maja DubovaSpecial Thanks
Matt SamiaCinematics Director
Matt SamiaCinematic Writer
Dennis PriceCinematic Writer
Patrick Thomas (I)Cinematic Writer
Pau LimonCinematic Writer
Joeyray HallCinematic Editor
Dennis PriceCinematic Artist
Patrick Thomas (I)Cinematic Artist
Matt SamiaCinematic Artist
Jay HathawayCinematic Artist
Paul HormisCinematic Artist
Scott AbeytaCinematic Artist
Jared KellerCinematic Artist
Jon LarzCinematic Artist
Matthew MeadCinematic Artist
Nick CarpenterCinematic Artist
Jeff ChamberlainCinematic Artist
James McCoyCinematic Artist
Paul LimonCinematic Artist
Derek DukeCinematic Sound Design
Glenn StaffordCinematic Sound Design
Jason Hayes (I)Cinematic Sound
Victor CrewsCinematic Sound
Tami DonnerCinematic Sound
Derek DukeCinematic Sound
Tracy BushCinematic Sound
Glenn StaffordCinematic Music
Jason Hayes (I)Cinematic Music
Derek DukeCinematic Music
Tom JungCinematic Storyboards
Britt SnyderCinematic Storyboards
Matt SamiaCinematic Voice Director
Glenn StaffordCinematic Voice Director
Jason Hayes (I)Voice Direction
Micky NeilsonVoice Direction
Tami DonnerVoice Production Coordinator
Tami DonnerVoice Editing
Jason Hayes (I)Voice Editing
Scott PetersenVoice Editing
Rich SeitzVoice Recording Engineer
Tami DonnerVoice Casting
Matt HouseholderVoice Casting
Jason Hayes (I)Voice Casting
Micky NeilsonVoice Casting
Scott PetersenVoice Casting
Joe MorrisseyVoice Casting
Cheeming BoeyBlizzard North Player
Bill TubbsBlizzard North Player

Blizzard Entertainment

John and Mackintosh Producer
Brian Programmer
Andrew Programmer
Matt Programmer
James Programmer
Robert Programmer
Carl Programmer
Adrian Network Engineer
Brian FitzgeraldMacintosh Programmer
Dave LawrenceMacintosh Programmer
John MikrosMacintosh Programmer
John StilesMacintosh Programmer
Tony TribelliMacintosh Programmer
Peter UnderwoodManual Design and Writing
Rich AmtowerEditor
Ian WelkeQuality Assurance Manager
Jason HutchinsQA Assistant Manager
Carlos GuerreroQA Project Lead
Mike MurphyQA Project Lead
Chris ArretcheQA Team Lead
Jim ChadwickQA Team Lead
Les DouglasQA Team Lead
Roger EberhartQA Team Lead
Gart GibsonQA Team Lead
Edward KangQA Team Lead
Brian LoveQA Team Lead
Justin ParkerQA Team Lead
Mark MoserQA Compatibility
Emilio SeguraQA Compatibility
Jeff McLeanGame Tester
Ilya BerelsonGame Tester
Sam SchrimsherGame Tester
Nils MadsenGame Tester
Dean ShimorishGame Tester
Michael BackisGame Tester
Sean McCreaGame Tester
Manuel GonzalesGame Tester
Dan WestmorelandGame Tester
Robert FooteGame Tester
Kelly ChunGame Tester
Brian FarrGame Tester
Matt LeeGame Tester
Michael ChuGame Tester
Jason FaderGame Tester
Dean LeeGame Tester
David DooleyGame Tester
Ron FrybargerGame Tester
Kevin WilsonGame Tester
Eric StrausGame Tester
Ted BarkenGame Tester
Ray LaubachGame Tester
Zach AllenGame Tester
Zach CallananGame Tester
Stan WangGame Tester
Jonatan MankinGame Tester
Jeanette ClausenGame Tester
Josh HilbornGame Tester
Jamin ShouletGame Tester
Nicholas LawsonGame Tester
Lloyd TulluesGame Tester
Chris Van Der WesthuizenGame Tester
Clayton ChanAdditional Tester
John MeyersAdditional Tester
Ronald HodgeAdditional Tester
Aramarie ArmentaAdditional Tester
Jason AckermanAdditional Tester
Edward KangMackintosh Project Lead Tester
Brian LoveMacintosh Assistant Lead Tester
Chris MillarLocalization Producer
Barry KehoeLocaliation Senior Project Manager
Caitriona FinlayLocalization Rest of the World Senior Project Manager
Damien MoroghanLocalization Engineering Lead
Anthony FitzgeraldLocalization Engineer
Stuart NolanLocalization Engineer
Kevin BoyleLocalization Engineer
Jason KingLocalization Engineer
Steven WooLocalization Engineer
Mike LoftainLocalization Co-ordinator
David HickeyLocalization QA
Ivan McCloskeyLocalization QA
Jesus Baquedano FerrerLocalization QA
Bill SweeneyLocalization Audio Graphivs
Katsuya AkitomoTranslator - Japanese
Shunici SuzukiTranslator - Japanese
Takashi KurokiTranslator - Japanese
Kim SanTranslator - Korean
Na YoungTranslator - Korean
Wu Li-ChungTranslator - Taiwan
Pan Chin-KangTranslator - Taiwan
Allen AdhamStike Team
Eric DoddsStike Team
Geoff FrazierStike Team
John LagraveStike Team
Chris MillarStike Team
Mike MorhaimeStike Team
Bill Roper (I)Stike Team
Max SchaeferStike Team
Tyler ThompsonStike Team
Ian WelkeStike Team
Hubert JolyGlobal Launch Team
Gerry CartyGlobal Launch Team
Michael FullerGlobal Launch Team
Lang FredricksonGlobal Launch Team
Nicolas GelbardGlobal Launch Team
Flavie GuffletGlobal Launch Team
Neal HubbardGlobal Launch Team
Hubert LarenardieGlobal Launch Team
Nicholas LongaroGlobal Launch Team
Chris MillarGlobal Launch Team
Mike MorhaimeGlobal Launch Team
Philip O'NeilGlobal Launch Team
Christophe RombozGlobal Launch Team
Bill Roper (I)Global Launch Team
Paul SamsGlobal Launch Team
Max SchaeferGlobal Launch Team
Bruce SlywkaGlobal Launch Team
Steve TamiGlobal Launch Team
Luc VanhalGlobal Launch Team
Bob WhartonGlobal Launch Team
Ken WilliamsGlobal Launch Team
Thor BiaforeDirector of Support Services
John SchwartzAssistant Technical Support Manager
Pat NagleOnline Support
Kevin JordanOnline Support
Aleri LapidusOnline Support
David NguyenOnline Support
Collin SmithOnline Support
Jason SchmitOnline Support
Michael BarkenOnline Support
Michael NguyenOnline Support
Michael KramerOnline Support
Josh HsiehTechnical Support
Brandon RiselingTechnical Support
Michael BozemanTechnical Support
Geoff GoodmanTechnical Support
Norman HamsTechnical Support
Richard SanfordTechnical Support
Kris NedreboTechnical Support
Victor GrecoTechnical Support
Paul SamsBusiness Development & Operations
Isaac MatarassoBusiness Development & Operations
Ken WilliamsBusiness Development & Operations
Elaine Di IorioBusiness Development & Operations
Melissa EdwardsBusiness Development & Operations
Eric RoederLegal
Kevin CrookLegal
Rod RigoleLegal
Will GlennLegal
Phil O'NealSales
Christophe RombozSales
Hubert LarenardieSales
Mark IversonSales
Robert HeatieDirect Sales
Kim ChaudhryDirect Sales
Kirk MahonyInformation Systems
Hung Nguyen (I)Information Systems
Jeremy SmithInformation Systems
Mike HaleInformation Systems
Kris MackeyInformation Systems
Susan SamsPublic Relations
Debra OsbornePublic Relations
Beau YarbroughPublic Relations
Neal HubbardMarketing
Stewart WeissMarketing
Michael FullerMarketing
Karine AugoyatMarketing
Kathy Carter-HumphreysMarketing
Steve Parker (I)Marketing
Michael BannonMarketing
Neal JohnsonMarketing
Geoff FrazierWeb Design
Ted ParkWeb Design
Mike HeinWeb Design
Christina CadeOffice Support
Karin ColenzoOffice Support
Jamie NeveauxOffice Support
Lisa PearceOffice Support
Charlotte GrantOffice Support
Lisa SchonerOffice Support
Derek SimmonsRecruiting
Jack SterlingRecruiting
Berrie WilkersRecruiting
Alan DabiriGraduating Dunsel
Hubert JolySpecial Thanks
Bob DavidsonSpecial Thanks
Jan DavidsonSpecial Thanks

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

88 /100

Released: 2001

The story continues where Diablo II ended. Two of the Three Prime Evils, Mephisto and Diablo, have been defeated and their Soulstones have been destroyed, preventing their return. However, the narrator Marius was...