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Diablo II (Credits)

Blizzard North

Dave BrevikProject and Design Lead
Erich SchaeferProject and Design Lead
Max SchaeferProject and Design Lead
Mike MorhaimeExecutive Producer
Matt HouseholderSenior Producer
Kenneth WilliamsProducer
Michael Huang (I)Technical Producer
Stieg HedlundDesigner
Rick SeisLead Programmer
Pete BrevikProgrammer
Tyler ThompsonProgrammer
Theodore BissonProgrammer
Doug McCrearyProgrammer
Jonathan StoneProgrammer
Jason RegierProgrammer
Jesse McReynoldsProgrammer
Jon MorinProgrammer
Steven WooProgrammer
Mike ScardizzoProgrammer
Peter KemmerProgrammer
Peter HuProgrammer
Divo PalinkasProgrammer
Doron GartnerProgrammer
Phil ShenkLead Character Artist
Michio OkamuraCharacter Artist
Chris RootCharacter Artist
Bob SteeleCharacter Artist
Evan CarrollCharacter Artist
Anthony RiveroCharacter Artist
Kris RenkewitzCharacter Artist
Kelly JohnsonCharacter Artist
Michael DashowCharacter Artist
Cheeming BoeyCharacter Artist
Eric SextonCharacter Artist
John KubascoCharacter Artist
Patrick TougasCharacter Artist
Beri HaasCharacter Artist
Ben BoosBackground Artist
Alex MunnBackground Artist
Fredrick VaughyBackground Artist
David GlennBackground Artist
Alan AckemanBackground Artist
Marc TattersallBackground Artist
Mark SutherlandBackground Artist
Matt UelmenMusic
Scott PetersenSound Design
Jonathan StoneSound Design
Matt UelmenSound Design
Joseph LawrenceAdditional Sound Effects
Grant WilsonLevel Design
Stefan ScandizzoLevel Design
Derek McAuleyLevel Design
Eric SextonAdditonal Game Design
Stieg HedlundStory and Dialogue
Matt HouseholderStory and Dialogue
Phil ShenkStory and Dialogue
Kurt BeaverStory and Dialogue
Bob VieiraStory and Dialogue
Karin ColenzoProduction Manager
Joe MorrisseyNetwork Administation and Technical Services
Charlotte GrantProduction Assistant

Blizzard Entertainment

Bill Roper (I)Senior Producer
Mark KernProducer
Chris MetzenStory Concept and Script Editor
Carl & Realm Programming
Mike & Realm Programming
Peter & Realm Programming
Pat & Realm Programming
Mike O' & Realm Programming
Brian FitzgeraldMacintosh Programming
Dave LawrenceMacintosh Programming
John StilesMacintosh Programming
Tony TribelliMacintosh Programming
Brett WoodMacintosh Programming
Peter UnderwoodMacintosh Graphics Design
Ted ParkMacintosh Graphics Design
Bill Roper (I)President's Special Strike Team
Frank GilsonPresident's Special Strike Team
Brian FitzgeraldPresident's Special Strike Team
Carl ChimesPresident's Special Strike Team
Mike MorhaimeStrike Team
Mark KerrStrike Team
BilL Roper (I)Strike Team
Rob PardoStrike Team
Eric DoddsStrike Team
Geoff FraizerStrike Team
Ted ParkStrike Team
Chris SigatyStrike Team
Ian WelkeStrike Team
Allen AdhamStrike Team
Mike MorhaimeTechnical Strike Team
Mark KernTechnical Strike Team
Mike O'BrienTechnical Strike Team
Pat WyattTechnical Strike Team
Isaac MatarassoTechnical Strike Team
Adrian LuffTechnical Strike Team
Rob BridenbeckerTechnical Strike Team
Carl ChimesTechnical Strike Team
Kevin BeardsleeIrvine Play Balance Team
Eric DoddsIrvine Play Balance Team
Geoff FraizerIrvine Play Balance Team
Dave HaleIrvine Play Balance Team
Mike HeibergIrvine Play Balance Team
Scott MercerIrvine Play Balance Team
Chris MillarIrvine Play Balance Team
Ted ParkIrvine Play Balance Team
Dean ShipleyIrvine Play Balance Team
Jeremy SmithIrvine Play Balance Team
Adrian and Realm Network Engineer
Peter UnderwoodManual Design & Layout
Mark KernManual Design & Layout
Chris SigatyManual Design & Layout
Chris MetzenManual Design & Layout
Chris MetzenManual Artwork
Ben BoosManual Artwork
Phil ShenkManual Artwork
Alex MunnManual Artwork
Evan CarrollManual Artwork
Matt SamiaCinematic Director
Scott AbeytaCinematic Producer
Joeyray HallCinematic Editor
Harley HugginsCinematic Animation Supervisor
Matt SamiaCinematic Script Writer
Chris MetzenCinematic Script Writer
Harley HugginsCinematic Script Writer
Joeyray HallCinematic Script Writer
Paul LimonCinematic Script Writer
Nick CarpenterCinematic Design Lead
Scott AbeytaCinematic Artist / Animator
John BurnettCinematic Artist / Animator
Nick CarpenterCinematic Artist / Animator
John ChalfantCinematic Artist / Animator
Jeff ChamberlainCinematic Artist / Animator
Jay HathawayCinematic Artist / Animator
Paul HormisCinematic Artist / Animator
Harley HugginsCinematic Artist / Animator
Paul LimonCinematic Artist / Animator
Matthew MeadCinematic Artist / Animator
Matt SamiaCinematic Artist / Animator
Mark SkeltonCinematic Artist / Animator
Patrick Thomas (I)Cinematic Artist / Animator
Tharyn ValavarisCinematic Artist / Animator
John BurrettCinematic Technical Artist
Paul HormisCinematic Technical Artist
Tharyn ValavanisCinematic Technical Artist
Jason Hayes (I)Cinematic Music
Glenn StaffordCinematic Music
Andrea PessinoAdditional Orchestration
Glenn StaffordCinematic Sound Design
Jason Hayes (I)Cinematic Sound Design
Tracy BushCinematic Sound Design
Tami DonnerCinematic Sound Design
Victor CrewsCinematic Sound Design
Stieg HedlundCinematic Strike Team
Phil ShenkCinematic Strike Team
Matt HouseholderCinematic Strike Team
Scott PetersenCinematic Strike Team
Donald Paul PemrickVoice Casting Agent
Dean E. FronkVoice Casting Agent
Rick BriarVoice Casting Agent
Jason Hayes (I)Voice Direction
Chris MetzenVoice Direction
Matt HouseholderVoice Casting
Jason Hayes (I)Voice Casting
Chris MetzenVoice Casting
Bill Roper (I)Voice Casting
Stieg HedlundVoice Casting
Tom KeeganVoice Casting
Tami DonnerVoice Editing
Jason Hayes (I)Voice Editing
Scott PetersenVoice Editing
Rich SeitzVoice Recording Engineer
Cheeming BoeyBlizzard North Player
Evan CarrollBlizzard North Player
Michael DashowBlizzard North Player
Derek McAuleyBlizzard North Player
Doug McCrearyBlizzard North Player
Scott PetersenBlizzard North Player
Michael ScandizzoBlizzard North Player
Stefan ScandizzoBlizzard North Player
Max SchaeferBlizzard North Player
Eric SextonBlizzard North Player
Jon StoreBlizzard North Player
Matt UelmenBlizzard North Player
John LagraveQuality Assurance Manager
Ian WelkeQA Project Lead Tester
Joe FrayneQA Assistant Lead Tester
Frank GilsonQA Technical Engineer
Dave K. FriedMacintosh Project Lead Tester
Edward KangMacintosh Assistant Lead Tester
Brian LoveMacintosh Assistant Lead Tester
Collin SmithMacintosh Help
Christian ArretcheQA Team Lead
Roger EberhartQA Team Lead
David K. FriedQA Team Lead
Carlos GuerreroQA Team Lead
Jason HutchinsQA Team Lead
Brian LoveQA Team Lead
Matthew MorrisQA Team Lead
Mike MurphyQA Team Lead
Justin ParkerQA Team Lead
Derek SimmonsQA Team Lead
Bo BellGame Tester
Connor James Franklin BrandtGame Tester
James ChadwickGame Tester
Ryan CreaseyGame Tester
Les DouglasGame Tester
Michelel ElbertGame Tester
Ron FrybargerGame Tester
Gart GibsonGame Tester
Katt JeanGame Tester
Ed KangGame Tester
Damon KilcoinGame Tester
Josh KurtzGame Tester
Damon KilcoinGame Tester
Josh KurtzGame Tester
Jeff OckermanGame Tester
Matt SandersGame Tester
Michael Smith (I)Game Tester
Omari ValentineGame Tester
Zach AllenAdditional Tester
Todd AllisonAdditional Tester
Magid Ahmadi KoshaniAdditional Tester
Dave FleischmannAdditional Tester
Shawn IngramAdditional Tester
Joe KimAdditional Tester
Yong KimAdditional Tester
Joe LeeAdditional Tester
Kelly StoverAdditional Tester
Victor LarsonCompatibility Tester
Mark MoserCompatibility Tester
Brandon RiselingCompatibility Tester
Redline GamesNetwork Security Consultant (Support Company)
James E. Anhalt IIINetwork Security Consultant
Carl ChimesNetwork Security Consultant
Robert BridenbeckerDirector of Support Services
John SchwartzAssistant Technical Support Manager
Pat NagleOnline Support
Kevin JordanOnline Support
Mick YankoOnline Support
Alen LapidisOnline Support
Mark DownieOnline Support
David NguyenOnline Support
Collin SmithOnline Support
Michael BarkenTechnical Support
Thor BiaforeTechnical Support
John HsiehTechnical Support
Jason SchmitTechnical Support
Daniel ChoeTechnical Support
Flavie GuffletLocalization Producer
Louis MutterLocalization Producer
Matt HouseholderLocalization Producer
Chris SigatyLocalization Producer
Paul CookeLocalization Producer
Ken WilliamsLocalization Producer
Louis MutterGlobalization Manager
Mike LoftainLocalization Project Lead
Jason ChiuLocalization Engineer
Chris YoshimuraLocalization Engineer
Damien MonaghanLocalization Engineer
Steven WooLocalization Engineer
Anthony FitzgeraldLocalization Engineer
David DohenyLocalization Engineer
Kevin BoyleLocalization Engineer
Fiachra SynnottLocalization QA
David HickeyLocalization QA
Andy Clark (I)Localization QA
Charles ShepherdLocalization QA
Steve ThompsonLocalization QA
Jan WagnerLocalization QA
Thorsten KieferLocalization QA
Markus RafflenbeulLocalization QA
Aurélien MehdiLocalization QA
David PiccoLocalization QA
Fabrice LochonLocalization QA
Jose R. PascualLocalization QA
Nabil DebiraLocalization Support
Veronica PajuyoLocalization Support
Bill SweeneyLocalization Graphics and Design
Caroline PeeloLocalization Graphics and Design
Jeremy SmithInformation Technologies
Hung Nguyen (I)Information Technologies
Kirk MahonyInformation Technologies
Mike HaleInformation Technologies
Christina CadeOffice Administation
Karin ColenzoOffice Administation
Jamie NeveauxOffice Administation
Linda BaileyOffice Administation
Susan Wooley SamsPublic Relations
Lisa PearcePublic Relations
Tony GenasePublic Relations
Ted ParkWeb Team
Geoff FrazierWeb Team
Mike HuangWeb Team
John SchwartzWeb Team
Paul SamsBusiness Development & Operations
Isaac MatarassoBusiness Development & Operations
Kenneth WilliamsBusiness Development & Operations
Melissa EdwardsBusiness Development & Operations
Eric RoederLegal Counsel
Kevin CrookLegal Counsel
Rod RigoleLegal Counsel
Will GlennLegal Counsel
Neal HubbardMarketing & Creative Services
Stewart WeissMarketing & Creative Services
Kathy Carter-HumphreysMarketing & Creative Services
Jessica MonsonMarketing & Creative Services
Steve Parker (I)Marketing & Creative Services
Michael BannonMarketing & Creative Services
Neal JohnsonMarketing & Creative Services
Randy BrownU.S. Sales
Mark IversonU.S. Sales
Christophe RombozInternational Sales
Jean Daniel PagesInternational Sales
Hubert LarenardieInternational Sales
Rob BeatieDirect Sales
Kim ChaudhryDirect Sales
Bob WhartonManufacturing
Tom BryanManufacturing
Jaime ChavezManufacturing
Berrie WilkersRecruiting
Fred WallaceRecruiting
AT& Hosting Partner (Support Company) Hosting Partner (Support Company) Hosting Partner (Support Company) Hosting Partner (Support Company)
Frank PearceDirector of Dursel Development
Alan DabiriDirector of Dursel Development
Wendy BrevikThanks
Jennie BrevikThanks
Kate BrevikThanks
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Karin ColenzoThanks
Anna-Marcelle OkamuraThanks
Amber OkamuraThanks
Megan OkamuraThanks
Rick SeisThanks
Andrea ThelenThanks
Shelley CooperThanks
Paige NittlerThanks
Karen WeissThanks
Bernadete SextonThanks
Stephen HuThanks
Alan HuThanks
Jonathon RootThanks
Caralee SchaeferThanks
Denise HernandezThanks
Talia EhrlichThanks
Kyle MatthewsThanks
Christina SherikThanks
Liz CandizzoThanks
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Grace HuangThanks
Christina HuangThanks
Kelly RegierThanks
John Tavish FayThanks
Natalie FayThanks
Renee SchneiderThanks
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Allan CruseThanks
John KeckThanks
Shannon KellyThanks
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Lynn BrownThanks
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Zeno DicksonThanks
Rosemary MorrisseyThanks
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All the families of Blizzard North for waiting so patiently to see us again.