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markoeh's review of Die Känguru-Verschwörung

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The movie “The Kangaroo Conspiracy” introduced a self-referential video game. This game makes this fictional game a reality. In a retro-2D-sidescrolling style, the player plays the Kangaroo or its roommate. The levels are of the styles jump'n'run, adventure and rhythm racer. They aren't too difficult and there's the option to skip levels. The levels are neither boring nor frustrating, so the game is a good way to burn some time and be reminded of the movie, the books, and their universe. In the end, the game is just what it wants to be. A low-priced nod to the movie and retro games.

Positive points
  • - content to Marc-Uwe Kling's Kangaroo universe
  • - humorous
  • - non-frustrating level design
  • - low price
Negative points
  • - could have even more levels
  • - some features apart the game play missing (built-in resizing, native SteamOS support, channel-specific audio settings, exit button …)

Total score