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Discworld (Credits)

Perfect Entertainment

Angela SutherlandProducer
Gregg BarnettWriter and Director
Mark RollTinsel Game System Programmer
John YoungTinsel Game System Programmer
Gregg BarnettGame Creation
David JohnstonGame Creation
Paul KiddDialogue
Paul Mitchell (II)Art Co-ordinator
Nick PrattBackground Artist
John MillingtonCharacter Designer
Simon Turner (I)Character Designer
Simon Turner (I)Lead Animator
Paul Mitchell (II)Additional Animation
John CassellsAdditional Animation
David SwanAdditional Animation
Warren HawkesAdditional Animation
Ben WillsherAdditional Animation
Karl D'CostaAdditional Animation
Steve PackerAdditional Animation
Rob LordMusic
Rob LordSound Effects
Mark BandolaSound Effects
Karl D'CostaVoice Sampling
Mark BandolaVoice Sampling
Rob Van DevenVoice Sampling
Richard WrightVoice Sampling
Steven ThompsonVoice Sampling
Dominic JacksonAdditional Programming
Owen CunninghamAdditional Programming
Colin FuidgeQuality Assurance
Guillaume CamusQuality Assurance
Karen CoxQuality Assurance
Angela SutherlandTalent Casting
Colin SmytheAgent for Terry Pratchett
Terry PratchettOriginal Author and Creator


Graham StaffordProducer
Nadia LawlorProduct Manager
Ellen FuogMarketing & PR USA
Feargus CarrollHead of Testing
Stuart AllenPlayteser
Mark InmanPlayteser
Jenny NewbyPlayteser
Gary NicholsPlayteser
Dave ParkinsonPlayteser
Pat RussellPlayteser
John WalshPlayteser


88 /100

Released: 1995

Discworld is a game released for PC (subsequently Mac, and Playstation) by Teeny Weeny / Perfect 10 studios in 1995. The game was released both on floppy disk and CD-Rom. The latter featured a commentary team created...