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GordonSpaces Review [7.0/10]

GordonSpace created

The game has a really nice story and plot. Gameplay is fine, stealth in first-person, nice skills and equipment. Graphics could be a bit better and some unlockables after completing the game could give extra motivation to playthrough the game again. However it was a very nice experience in total. I give 7/10

Best ever usage of stealth in a videogame [0.0/10]

pafg created

From wikipedia: "Set in the fictional, plague-ridden industrial city of Dunwall, Dishonored follows the story of Corvo Attano, bodyguard to the Empress of the Isles. He is framed for her murder and forced to become an assassin, seeking revenge on those who conspired against him. Corvo is aided in his quest by the Loyalists—a resistance group fig...

Don't Blink [7.0/10]

DingleDongle created

I went into the game with no expectations, I don't usually play stealth games as I'm not great at them, but decided to try this out as I've been pushing through my backlog, and knew a sequel would be out soon. At first, I was into it. The prison and sewer area acted well as a tutorial, and I was learning. Then you are thrown into a smallish san...

Dishonored Written Review [7.4/10]

abloobudoo009 created

For some reason when I played this game, I didn't want to stealth my way around. I had a lot of fun with combat in the intro so I decided that's exactly how I'm gonna do it. Up-front-in-your-face-full-assault. If I see it, I kill it. But that's not to say that I didn't utilize the stealth at all, I did. I actually made it so I would set up my m...

datacenters Review [10.0/10]

datacenter created

I did not play the game when it came out, but when Dishoned 2 hit the market I decided to go though both of them and I was really stunned. You can check youtube for the brutal fast runs of the fans. The games is a solid 10.

acnaris Review [8.0/10]

acnari created

I had this game sitting in my steam account for quite a while before I finally sat down and played it. After I started, it did take me a bit to get into the gameplay. This is just my preference for gaming, but I wish I would have known the mechanic of chaos vs stealth right away; once I doubled down on stealth I really started to enjoy the game,...