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TheFredobars Review

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A fantastic follow up to one of my favourite games. I really love this series, the creepy dark lore underpinning everything, a twisted almost watercolour aesthetic, immersive stealth gameplay, great plot and characters and about 100 ways to do each mission.
The game handles great, they didn't change much from the first game but honestly didn't need to. The level design is on point and exploring the convolutent layout of each area is fantastic.
If you like diving into the lore of a world theres plenty here too, well written texts scattered around and each new mission feels like it pushes you further into the world and shows you new aspects of a society gripped by political turmoil.
It;s one of those games that feels like great care was taken in creating a cohesive atmosphere that penetrates all aspects of gameplay and narrative. I highly reccomend this to anyone.

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