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Divinity: Original Sin (Credits)

Larian Studios

Swen VinckeDirector
David WalgraveExecutive Producer
Bert Van SemmertierTechnical Director
Thierry Van GyseghemAnimation Director
Koen Van MierloArt Director
Kirill PokrovskyMusic
Farhang NamdarLead Designer
Joachim VleminckxLead Level Designer
Jan Van DosselaerLead Writer
Tristan ClarysseLead Artist
Guillaume PietteLead Specia FX
Octaaf FieremansLead QA
Jan Van DosselaerStory
Sarah BaylusStory
Swen VinckeStory
Jan Van DosselaerDialogs
Sarah BaylusDialogs
Axel DroxlerGame Design
David WalgraveGame Design
Farhang NamdarGame Design
Swen VinckeGame Design
Axel DroxlerLevel Design
Farhang NamdarLevel Design
Koen Van MierloLevel Design
Joachim VleminckxLevel Design
Joris VervoortAdditional Level Design
Vincent-David de ClercqAdditional Level Design
Bastian DammanCoding
Bert StevensCoding
Bert Van SemmertierCoding
David StaessensCoding
Edgard De SmetCoding
Jan TriestCoding
Ken LeroyCoding
Mathieu VanhoveCoding
Sebastiaan SprengersCoding
Thomas MeynenCoding
Wannes VanderstappenCoding
Ken LeroyFlash Coding
Ignace SaenenAdditional Coding
Laurens BrockAdditional Coding
Michele SantulloAdditional Coding
Tycho TerrynAdditional Coding
Xander WarnezAdditional Coding
Leslie Van den BroeckTechnical Artist
Wannes VanderstappenTechnical Artist
Mattias Van CampAdditional Technical Artist
Tycho TerrynAdditional Technical Artist
Cliff LaureysConcept Art
Wai Yeh LeungConcept Art
Koen Van MierloConcept Art
Leslie Van den BroeckConcept Art
Thierry Van GyseghemConcept Art
Alex Van OoteghemEnvironment Art
Frederick SenesaelEnvironment Art
Guillaume PietteEnvironment Art
Joachim VleminckxEnvironment Art
Koen Van MierloEnvironment Art
Leslie Van den BroeckEnvironment Art
Tristan ClarysseEnvironment Art
Wai Yeh LeungEnvironment Art
Wannes VanderstappenEnvironment Art
Mattias Van CampAdditional Environment Art
Tycho TerrynAdditional Environment Art
Frederick SenesaelCharacter Art
Joachim VleminckxCharacter Art
Leslie Van den BroeckCharacter Art
Wai Yeh LeungCharacter Art
Alexander ZimmermanAdditional Character Art
Steven De MeyerAdditional Character Art
Guillaume PietteSpecial FX
Joachim VleminckxSpecial FX
Pieter GlorieSpecial FX
Wai Yeh LeungSpecial FX
Wannes VanderstappenSpecial FX
Tycho TerrynAdditional Special FX
Cliff LaureysUser Interfaces
Thomas PottieUser Interfaces
Tristan ClarysseUser Interfaces
Alex Van OoteghemGame Animatons
Joachim VleminckxGame Animatons
Joël DemaréGame Animatons
Pieter GlorieGame Animatons
Shana VandercruysseGame Animatons
Thierry Van GyseghemGame Animatons
Cliff LaureysIn-Game Scenes
Koen Van MierloIn-Game Scenes
Liesa BauwensIn-Game Scenes
Thierry Van GyseghemIn-Game Scenes
Thomas MuylleIn-Game Scenes
Alexandre ConcheriScripting
Axel DroxlerScripting
Bert StevensScripting
Edouard ImbertScripting
Mathieu VanhoveScripting
Joris VervoortAdditional Scripting & Level Design
Thijs MorlionAdditional Scripting & Level Design
Vincent-David de ClercqAdditional Scripting & Level Design
Felix ZirwesSound Design
Octaaf FieremansIn-House Testing
Lorean VanmeerhaegheIn-House Testing
Natalya FrolovaElverils Testing
Konstantin GoryachedElverils Testing
Sergey IvanovElverils Testing
Sofia V. BeketovaElverils Testing
Arne JanssensAdditional Testing
Carsten BüsingAdditional Testing
Davy TavernierAdditional Testing
Timmy NelenAdditional Testing
Sebastiaan ProvostAdditional Testing
Octaaf FieremansAdditional Testing
Frederik D'haemerAdditional Testing
Geert RossieAdditional Testing
Kevin WyckmansAdditional Testing
Klaas van de MoortelAdditional Testing
Koen ZoonAdditional Testing
Kristof HeirweghAdditional Testing
Jérôme VorzangerAdditional Testing
Julian de LangeAdditional Testing
Maxime UméAdditional Testing
Nicky De ProostAdditional Testing
Peter LernoutAdditional Testing
Huiling ChenAdditional Testing
Reinhart De CraemerAdditional Testing
Robin SegersAdditional Testing
Sally VereeckenAdditional Testing
Sabastien FrippiatAdditional Testing
Tanguy VarrasseAdditional Testing
Wim PierlootAdditional Testing
Hélène SellierAdditional Testing
Stijn GrootenAdditional Testing
Alexander BerxAdditional Testing
Dries LamberechtsAdditional Testing
Beride MukhranAdditional Testing
Jason VoetAdditional Testing
Liesa BauwensAdditional Testing
Dhaenens GertAdditional Testing
Jolan WuytsAdditional Testing
Bauwens PeterAdditional Testing
Bauwens SiemenAdditional Testing
Yoeri DeprezAdditional Testing
Bieke MaesAdditional Testing
Pieter SneyersAdditional Testing
Tom IvensAdditional Testing
Sam DornéAdditional Testing
Cas DornéAdditional Testing
Dejan VanackerAdditional Testing
Neal LeplaAdditional Testing
Maxime GuilleminAdditional Testing
Thomas WensAdditional Testing
Wannes NaudtsAdditional Testing
Wim KegelsAdditional Testing
Melchior JanssensAdditional Testing
Jonathan WaltnielAdditional Testing
Lars LootenAdditional Testing
Ekchart PiqueurAdditional Testing
Roald PiqueurAdditional Testing
Simon VermoereAdditional Testing
Yonah D'hommeAdditional Testing
Kirill PerevozchikovPR Director
Thomas PottieWebdesign
Thomas MuylleVideo Recording and Editing
Lynn VanbesienOffice Management
Koen Van MierloPackaging and Manual Design
Thierry Van GyseghemPackaging and Manual Design
David WalgravePackaging and Manual Design
Sarah BaylusPackaging and Manual Design
Thomas PottiePackaging and Manual Design
Julia BenndorfCoding Intern
Miklas HoetCoding Intern
Simon VanhauwaertCoding Intern
Stijn DoyenCoding Intern
Jordy LakiereConcept Art Intern
Liesa BauwensConcept Art Intern
Maxime PonseletConcept Art Intern
Elie VerbruggeEnvironmental Art Intern
Jason VoetEnvironmental Art Intern
Jeroen Van HoorbekeEnvironmental Art Intern
Jordy LakiereEnvironmental Art Intern
Liesa BauwensEnvironmental Art Intern
Loan DumazedierEnvironmental Art Intern
Maxime PonseletEnvironmental Art Intern
Elie VerbruggeCharacter Art Intern
Jeroen Van HoorbekeCharacter Art Intern
Jordy LakiereCharacter Art Intern
Shana VandercruysseCharacter Art Intern
Andreas UhrLevel Design Intern
Christofer ÖhmanLevel Design Intern
Robin LesageLevel Design Intern
Jordy LakiereUser Interfaces Intern
Jesse GianfredaPR Intern
3rd Parties
RaveganAnimation Outsourcing (Support Company)
Elverils LLCMac Development (Support Company)
Jeremy Huddleston SequoiaThanks to Apple engineer
Evolve PRInternational PR (Support Company)
Daedalic EntertainmentGerman PR (Support Company)
Studio UmlautGerman Translation (Support Company)
Around The WordFrench Translation (Support Company)
SIDE UK LtdEnglish Voice Recordings (Support Company)
Leonard "Raze" McDonaldCommunity Manager
Ahmed KhanzadaManual Writing
Special Thanks to
Our long time fans and Kickstarter backers
Arkafund & specifially Katy Degrieck for believing in this project from the very beginning
IWT Vlaanderen
Lars, Mattis, Lara, Alexandra & of course the person who is the dearest to me, Valke. Thank you for all your support. Nobody will ever know how important you all were to make this game possible.
Cats Eliot and Sydney
My love Benoît, my sweet son Jules, my two big stepsons Cas & Sam and my fluffy dog Bas!
My love Debbie de Boer, my mon Sourour Eftekharzadeh, my dad Mohammad Ali Namdar, my brother Shabahang Namdar, my good friends and role models Wessel Mansveld, Felix Pearson, Mehrzad Karami, Iguana Spike, parrot Diba and cat Snootchy!
Sophie Ledcuc
Helen Gallez
Tamata Brackman, Lucas en Xander Fieremans, Berry Binon
Thank you, Stefanie, my beautiful wife and Elizabeth, my cute little baby girl. You're the greatest!
Thanks to Belgium, Bavy, Bayluses, BBG, and Beyoncé
Thanks to Boris, Febe, Mom & Dad who support me in everything!
Thanks to Elke, our parents and family and friends, and \"kleine beer\ Fonzie, Personal dedication to \"grote beer\" Vargo, Rest now.
Thanks to my family, friends and cats. Specal thanks to my fiancée, Hélène Sellier, for pushing me forward, and my newborn niece, Laura Concheri, for alread beign awesome.
Thanks to the 2 most important girls in my life: Emmy and Pluis.
Sofian, Inge Siwek, Jeanne Decoster & Remi Decoster and Ingmar Clarysse.
Special thanks to Wah, Sing, Tak and the Julz!
Thanks to Marjan, our dog Luna, our families and friends for being supportive and understanging during production
Thanks to my family and friends, especiall Inge who was very supportive and patient during those lonely months.
Marie, for her ceaseless supprot and endless patience. My little demon of a cat Bisous, whose playful mischief always makes me smile
Special thanks to my wife An Govaerts!
Thanks to friends and family, Marjolein in particular, for the support and putting up with my nagging
I'd like to thank my parents, firends, brothers and sisters for supporting me thourg thick and thin. And to Tine, my love, thanks for beign there for me, I could't have meade it this far without you.
Special thanks to: My parents, family and Lilli
Thanks to Annelies, Mouse, and Plushie for holding down the fort
Griet Vanhemel, Kristina Kempeneers, Jean Vanhemel, Nele Vanhemel, Kim, Alexander, Sebastian, Lucas Gijbels, Simon Vleminckx, Laura Vleminckx, Gilberte Jordens, Etienne Vanoirbeek, and Amelia Maya Andrea, for joining us on the planet!
Special thanks to my family and friends!
Thanks to my family, and especially to my wonderful girlfriend Joke for all the support during the long working days.
Many thanks to my eternally patient girls Trees, Anna and Bonnie.
Thanks to Patricia for her endless support and patience, and thanks to everyone at SEO for going through all this together!
Thank to braverino, frienderinos and familyorinos. Alos to my catterino and doritos.
Many thanks to Nicky, my friends, my family, the "Nejberhood", WINAK and eveyone helping to create a house out of the pile of bricks I live in. Dedicated to my father, gone but not forgotten.
My five Greet, my little Star Fien, my family and friends, my dog Donya, and last but not least, all the collegues at Larian with whom I loved to work with for all those years.
The following Divine Babies were bron during development:
Amelia Maya Andrea VleminckxProduction Baby
Bonnie Van SemmertierProduction Baby
Eliabeth VanhoveProduction Baby
Jess Van MierloProduction Baby
Jules DornéProduction Baby
Lars VinckeProduction Baby
Lucas FieremansProduction Baby
Xander FieremansProduction Baby


Divinity: Original Sin

86 /100

Released: 2014

Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG adventure! Discuss your decisions with companions; fight foes in turn-based combat; explore an open world and interact with everything and everyone you...