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DJ Hero

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Genre: Music

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

DJ Hero primarily simulates turntablism, a musical style used by disc jockeys to create a new mashup song by incorporating one or more previously recorded songs played on record players along with sound effect generators. The game features score attack gameplay similar to the Guitar Hero games. The controller consists of a wireless deck consisting of a movable turntable that supports 3 "stream" buttons, an effects dial, a cros... Read More

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48 reviews

Alright 84%

DJ Hero is a blast. I had so much fun, and still am having loads of fun, playing this game. It's not what everyone thinks. Saying that it's only rap songs. There are rap songs. But this game shows that's not what being a DJ is. It really shows what being a DJ is. Blending two songs together for a really neat beat. And they are not all rap. They have Queen, Jackson 5, and other not rap songs. Also this game had a great tutorial. Comparing to the... Read More