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Don't Go Bang is the first full PC title brought to you by Dalriada Games. In this ambitious real-time strategy experience you assume the control of the UOD (Unstable Ordinance Disposal). A division tasked with the uncovering and defusing of explosives planted by the infamous terrorist cell known as "Fraction". You command an elite team of specialists, each with their own unique skills, abilities, and personalities. You must monitor the maps and gain information from your expert intel team to find bomb locations, and discover Fractions ultimate plans.

You are the last protector of a city strewn by chaos and terror. Don't let 'em down sir.

In Don't Go Bang! for PC, every decision matters. The terrorist cell, Fraction, is unforgiving, and it's reflected in the game with permadeath and autosaves to make going back on decisions impossible. You'll have to make difficult choices every day as the Commander of the UOD - but remember your ultimate goal is to protect civilians and to prevent panic and terror.

You can't do it alone. Using your limited funds, you must continually recruit and manage your team of professional bomb disposal experts, teach them to grow their skills, and to monitor channels and the map for suspicious activity.