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vraageens's review of Donut County [8.0/10]

great fun little game. its just you moving a hole and letting things fall in. its just a lot of fun

virusnetworks Review [9.0/10]

The game can best be described as short and sweet. It won't take long to beat but dear god is it lovely the characters the art design, the story all just lovely.

mikalgs Review [5.0/10]

In Donut County you control a hole in the ground. There game consists out of a series of levels with some story stuff in between. Each level is its own puzzle, but only according to the loosest definition of the term; the puzzles are very easy. My main issue with the game is that there is no challenge. The game prioritizes 'art' over entertainme...

faultymouths Review [9.0/10]

I loved this game and I found the dialogue and story to be very entertaining. My only wish is that the game could have been a bit longer and maybe more challenging. I'll definitely be playing this one again and I appreciate that this game had me wanting to screenshot many scenes and points of dialogue to share with my buds. I don't know what it ...