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Your name is Billy Lee. You're young, but you've already lived through enough agony to fill three lifetimes. You saw your city obliterated in a nuclear war. You saw roving gangs of thugs take over the streets. You learned the hard way that "might makes right" is the rule of law in a world where only the strong survive.
Then you saw your girlfriend get gunned down by the Black Shadow Warriors. And you felt helpless as they destroyed your home: the world-famous Double Dragon dojo, home of the mighty Double Dragon Warriors.
You knew what had to be done.
You applied every scrap of martial arts knowledge and succeeded in wiping out the Black Shadow Warriors. It wasn't easy, but you did it. Finally, you were able to rest.
But not for long.
Anxious to keep your skills sharp, you and your brother Jimmy joined the Scorpions.
You saw envy and hatred that burned in Anderson's eyes. You knew he would be trouble someday, but you never dreamed he would eliminate Wright (another Scorpion instructor), scrawl your name on the floor, and pin the blame on you! You were horrified when Gordon actually believed Anderson's twisted tale of evil and ordered you and Jimmy to pay for the crime...with your lives.
Now war has spilled out of the dojo and into the streets. You must battle countless enemies bent on your destruction, as you prowl nightmarish urban ruins in search of one man who framed you and another who ordered your death.
There must be no mercy. You must clear your name. You have all the tools you need to get the job done: fists of fire, feet of fury, and the martial arts skills of the Double Dragon.
Once again, you know what has to be done. And only you can do it!