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Releasing: December 31, 1988

The player assumes the role of the hero, Frognum, whose task it is to reclaim his kingdom from the Tyrant beast. The game style is principally a platformer which finds the player running and jumping through various screens (numbering around a hundred and extending in all four directions). During this the player will encounter bats, balls or giant rats which general follow fixed paths but may also swarm and chase the player. There are two primary weapons at your disposal to eliminate these enemies; you may punch and claw them, or you may incinerate them with your fire breath. Fire breathing is limited but may be replenished once in a while by collecting items. Also in the C64 version it is imperative to clear the each screen completely of enemies or they will tend to respawn upon leaving and re-entering the screen. Your main task is to find four special abilities and then face the final battle.