If you had the chance to leave everything behind, everything you know... To explore a new world, and start a new life... Would you do it? And could you do it?

In the Dragon Isles, dragons are a sign of prosperity and good luck. These adorable little guys can help you in all sorts of ways! Each dragon is born with a special skill set that affects the production of your crops. This skill increases the more you bond with them. The more a dragon likes you, the more your crops will grow!

You can build a beautiful paradise for your dragons to live. Using various decorative items, design a happy home any dragon is sure to love!

You can breed your dragons to get dragon eggs! Hatching dragons can give you rare dragon colors and sometimes you will find rare dragon hybrids of the two parents! Some of the dragons you breed can even acquire more than one skill set!

Catch a variety of fish while filling up your fishing journal with all kinds of cool aquatic life! Sell them for gold or feed them to your dragons to satisfy their hunger!

Fill up your journal with every type of mineral you can find! Then sell 'em for an awesome price! You can even ride the mine cart for a little extra fun!

The better you care for your dragons, the easier your crops will grow! Bond with your dragons by playing games with them.

You can take quests from different villagers. If you complete them, you will be rewarded handsomely!

There are 3 main color palettes to choose from with plans for more being added as well!


Release Dates
Game Mode
Single player
Adventure, Role-playing (RPG), Simulator
Action, Fantasy
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