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Dragon Age: Origins - Warden's Keep

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Dragon Age: Origins - Warden's Keep is a DLC / Addon for Dragon Age: Origins

Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (Microsoft Windows)

"Some claim the fortress of Soldier's Peak is corrupted and overrun by demons. Others whisper of betrayal and the spirits of murdered Grey Wardens. Whatever the truth, Soldier's Peak is no place for the living. Relive the darkest hour of the Grey Wardens with all-new content that adds to the main Dragon Age: Origins campaign. This downloadable adventure reveals secrets hidden for generations, and includes unique achievement... Read More

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Centuries before the events of Dragon Age: Origins, the Grey Wardens of Ferelden took up arms against their kingdom's rulers. This tumultuous event led to the expulsion of the Grey Wardens from Ferelden, leaving their ancient fortress of Soldier's Peak to the ravages of time. This downloadable content provides the Warden with an opportunity to aid Levi Dryden in redeeming his family name by proving that Sophia Dryden, his great great grandmother and commander of the Grey Wardens at Soldier's Peak, acted honorably.