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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

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Genre: Fighting

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube

Join us on a wild ride through the best action cartoon series on TV, Dragonball Z. The story begins after Goku defeats Piccolo at the World Marital Arts Tournament and he comes to visit Master Roshi, when all of a sudden, his brother Raditz appears and kidnaps his son, Gohan, after he saves him he is sent to Other World to train with King Kai for for two more powerful Saiyan arriving one year later. This wild ride story takes ... Read More

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3 reviews

Average 60%

Played on EU GC version. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is a 2D fighting based on the anime of the same name. The story mode follows along the anime with the most important parts of the show up to the Cell saga. The cutscenes are pretty well animated and has held up somewhat, although the AI's difficulty spikes feels random sometimes, making it feel unnecessarily unfair. The fighting system is not very deep, and will feel shallow in comparison to other ... Read More

Positive points
- Story mode albeit short, feels true to the anime.
- Soundtrack is all around great.
- Interesting Capsule system.
Negative points
- Collecting Capsules becomes a sloggy grind if you want to 100% the game. - Legend of Satan is just a survival highscore mode. - The AI has rampant difficulty spikes. - Some skills are a too effectiv... Read More