Dragon Quest X

Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

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This is a role-playing game in which players assume the role of a hero who undertakes a series of quests in a fantasy world. Players can learn magic spells, explore dungeons, and battle various creatures in turn-based combat. Players select actions (e.g., "attack,""defend," and "spells") from a menu system as various light effects and numeric values indicate damage inflicted on both monsters and players. A couple of the enemies are depicted being impaled with their own weapons (e.g., a zombie-type enemy plucks a spear out his throat at the beginning of each battle); a "Kamikazee" spell sacrifices the caster's life to defeat all enemies. Some monsters are depicted with costumes stained in blood; for example, a "Blood Mummy" is wrapped in red-colored bandages, and another enemy's clothing is covered with red splotches. One of the boss enemies in the game performs a "Puff puff" attack in battle: During this attack animation, the character clutches her breasts and shakes her hips to charm enemies so they won't attack. During the course of the game, players need to deliver a keg of "Drunken Dragon" to a creature; other alcohol references sometimes appear in text (e.g., "Hic! I don't have enough money for the old booze anymore."). Players can give a "cowpat" or "horse manure" item to a freezing character, and a "Snot Shot" attack splatters a clear liquid at players, lowering their agility. Language such as "hell" and "hellish" appears in the dialogue.

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