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This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of a heroic psychologist, Alice Drake, who can enter the minds of her possessed patients and combat the nightmarish foes roaming the subconscious. Players use a host of fantastical weapons (lasers, rocket launchers, futuristic machine guns) to kill demons, robots, elemental spirits, dolls, toy soldiers, and other monstrous creatures. Although the realism of the game's violence is low, with the focus being on 'over-the-top' and fantastical depictions, the frenetic pace of combat and large amounts of blood can be intense. Red and multi-colored sprays of blood emit from creatures when they are injured; blood pools, smears, and puddles often stain the walls and floors. Some enemies also break apart into several bloody pieces when killed by an explosion or gunfire. The game includes a 'Killing Spree' bar on the top right of the screen, which (when totally filled) enables players to enter a 'Berserk' mode: players are able to move faster, inflcit more damage, and increase health temporarily. Strong profanity (e.g., 'f*ck,' 'sh*t,' and 'a*shole') can be heard in the dialogue.

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