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Already released in Europe [EU] on Android

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Europe [EU]Android



Drone Lander, a new 3D Drone simulator providing a platform to learn how to control a drone without breaking your own aircraft! Pilot your drone safely, but quickly, through the obstacles to the landing point and gain precision achievement and gold bonuses. RPM balance is key, drone pilot must safely land the drone onto the landing point without crashing out. Race against time, obstacles and a limited battery life! Gold bonuses can be used to unlock new drones and progress through 60+ levels of game play.

• Drone flight simulation experience
• Challenging/skill based game
• 7 different drone models to pilot each with unique control features: handling, speed, altitude, acceleration
• Over 60 in game levels
• 3 difficulty levels
• 4 unique maps

How to play:
• Identify Landing Point
• Follow yellow indicator arrow to find the Landing Point
• Keep RPM indicator arrow in the middle to keep drone altitude consistent.
• Reduce RPM gently to change drone altitude slowly.
• Avoid setting RPM to minimum as this will cause a sharp reaction which can lead to Drone crashing.
• Control drone direction with control arrows (Left/Right/Forward/Backward)
• Control camera view by clicking button at the top right