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Releasing: December 31, 1995

Dstroy is a Bomberman-like game with several gameplay modes: single player, cooperation, and deathmatch! Up to four players can play on the same computer with split-screen. Dstroy has no network support.
In single-player (called story mode) and cooperative, the player(s) has to defeat all the monsters to advance to the next level. The levels consist of solid blocks, and breakable blocks. The players can break a block by dropping a bomb nearby. The bomb explodes only in vertical and horizontal directions, and any solid block will stop the explosion in that direction. Initially the bomb has a very limited range, and only one bomb can be placed at the same time. However when destroying breakable blocks, power-ups may appear. The most common power-ups is extending the range of your bombs, and the increasing the supply of bombs. Other power-ups include freezing all monsters, gaining increased speed, becoming invisible. Most of these are only temporary.
Deathmatch has similar rules except that no monsters are present. The objective is to kill all other human players.