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Genre: Adventure, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy

Platforms: Amiga, PC DOS, Sega CD

Dune is a 1992 video game, based upon Frank Herbert's science fiction novel of the same name. Developed by Cryo Interactive, is the first of the Dune computer games. Dune blended adventure with economic and military strategy, and is considered by many the most immersive Dune computer game. Loosely following the story of the novel, the game casts the player as Paul Atreides, with the ultimate goal of driving the Harkonnen from ... Read More

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Good 90%

Dune, produced by Cryo is an absorbing title, served by an unusual quality grafics, digitized voices, subtitles available in five languages (which facilitates the understanding of the game, especially for those who have insufficient knowledge of English), background music that surrounds us completely and an extremely simple and sensible interface.