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Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (Credits)

Westwood Studios

Christopher D. YatesExecutive Producer
Aaron E. PowellProducer
David PokornyProducer
Robb AlveyProduct Coordinator
Ken LoveProduct Coordinator
Matthew SpallProduct Coordinator
Aaron E. PowellDesigner
Joe BosticDesigner
Leroy WingProgrammer
Denzil E. Long JrProgrammer
Rob PoveyProgrammer
Rick GushWriter
Matthew HanselArtist
Sandy DobbsArtist
Paul MudraMusic and Sound
Frank KlepackiMusic and Sound
Dwight OkaharaMusic and Sound
Glenn SperryQuality Assurance
Kenny DunneQuality Assurance
William BacaQuality Assurance
Jesse ClemitQuality Assurance
Jeff FillhaberQuality Assurance
Scott FlemingQuality Assurance
Bill FosterQuality Assurance
Mike LightnerQuality Assurance
Tim FritzQuality Assurance
Ronnie BalducciQuality Assurance
John P FincherQuality Assurance
Mike McCaaQuality Assurance
Adam RyanQuality Assurance
Paul ShoenerQuality Assurance
Jared BrinkleyQuality Assurance
Mitch FeldmanQuality Assurance
Chris McFarlandQuality Assurance
Scott ManningQuality Assurance
David FriesQuality Assurance
Chris RauschQuality Assurance
Nick CamerotaQuality Assurance
Bijan ShaheerQuality Assurance
Paul WeltonQuality Assurance
John MartinQuality Assurance
Brett W. SperrySpecial Thanks
Lyle J. Hall IISpecial Thanks

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

90 /100

Released: 1992

The Emperor has proposed a challenge, to each of the houses: "The House that produces the most spice will control Dune. There are no set territories, and no rules of engagement." Vast armies have arrived. Now, three...