Dungeon Defenders

Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG where you must save the land of Etheria from an Ancient Evil! Create a hero from one of four distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defenses and directly participating in the action-packed combat! Customize and level your character, forge equipment, gather loot, colle... Read More

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Long Ago, Etheria was once a land of living legends… Throughout the ages, brave warriors across the realm stood together against the forces of evil, led by immortal beings known as the Old Ones… After a titanic struggle, these champions locked away the power of the Old Ones, inside Eternia Crystals… These legendary heroes have recently left their younger kin in charge of the common castle chores… Bored with their dreary duties, the inexperienced pupils decide to play… And accidentally unleash an ancient force that has long been dormant!


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This is a tower-defense role-playing game in which players protect a variety of castle environments from waves of cartoon-like fantasy creatures. Players can use missile launchers, magic barriers, fireball towers, and harpoon turrets to repel a variety of enemies (e.g., goblins, trolls, and dragons). Injured enemies grunt and sometimes emit spurts of green or pink fluid. Battles are sometimes highlighted by hand-to-hand combat in which characters use swords, bows, or spells against each other. One tavern setting depicts frothy mugs and pitchers.

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