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Dungeon Defenders (Credits)

Trendy Entertainment

Jeremy StieglitzDevelopment Director, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer
Joshua JavaheriLead Technical Artist
Morgan RobertsLead Level Designer & Artist
Jerome PourchierLead Concept Artist & Character Artist
Afshin ToufighianMusic Composer, Sound Designer
Ben BurkartCo-Lead Level Designer
Brook BuckelewCharacter & Environment Artist
Jordan KerbowEnvironment Concept & 3D Artist
Clifton PoliTechnical Artist
Joshua JohnsonEngineer
David SleeperEngineer
Derek StroudEngineer
Eric BladeEngineer
Marc SingerProducer, QA Lead, Associate Level Scripter, Webmaster
Yotam HaimbergAssistant Producer, Assistant Level Scripter
Caroline PourchierCinematic Artist
Anton KozlovEnvironment Artist
Dan RichardiEnvironment Artist
Alex FundoraLead Animator
Jacob SchieckAnimator
Jason HillhouseAnimator
Rodrigo LizarragaGraphic Design & Compositing
Philip AsherMarketing Director
Augi LyeTrendy CEO
Adrian Hayes-SantosAssociate Producer
Yotam HaimbergSenior Tester
Justin DanfordSenior Tester
Robert GodwinSenior Tester
Erik ChristensenSenior Tester
Brandon WeinmanSenior Tester
Garret SnyderTester
Gabriel ColemanTester
Christopher MabreyTester
Anna RatcliffTester
Terrance JonesTester
Steve WilloughbyTester
Charles DunganTester
Derik BellTester
Cody SummerallTester
Chris StewartTester
Blake TomlinTester
Obi UgochukwuTester
Daniel SnookTester
Allan AxelrodTester
Jazib UddinTester
Stephen SolorzanoTester
David SmithTester
Juan HenkleTester
Matt WitelusTester
Special Thanks
Jeremy Stieglitz
Thanks to Epic Games, Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney for the best game technology ever created. Thanks to my sweetheart Claire Browning for staying trough all the late nights and long hours.
Joshua Javaheri
To my family, friends and cat - Thanks for everything.
Jerome Pourchier
Thanks to Sandra, my dear wife for her patience and support, and to Raphael Manas for great inspiration in character design.
Afshin Toufighian
Thanks to my family and to my friends
Ben Burkart
I thank my loving wife Rosa for supporting me trough everything, and God for blessing me. I'd also like to thank my ferret for constantly destroying my apartment while I'm hard at work.
Brook Buckelew
Thank you to God, my parents, my girlfriend, friends and family for their love and support, and patience when pretending to understand my explanation of the game making process..
Jordan Kerbow
Thanks to the Kerbow clan and the McAlhaneys for all the support and love.
Joshua Johnson
Special Thanks to my friends and family for their support and encouragement.
David Sleeper
To Kelly for being great
Eric Blade
To my beautiful Angel, Josh, Shelby, Brandon, and Jamey, and Ernie, Ella, Edward and Esmerelda Blade.
Marc Singer
Thanks to my parents for letting me sit on my computer all day instead of going outside.
Caroline Pourchier
A big thank you to my beloved brother, my family and my better half.
Morgan Roberts
To my loving family for understanding the long hours and high expectations in making a great game.
Anton Kozlov
Thanks to my parents for putting up with my ''work-from-home'' schedule!
Dan Richardi
Thanks to the guys at Trendy for allowing me the opportunity to work an amazingly talented group of people. Thanks to my family and peers for their support.
Alex Fundora
Thanks to Jeremy, Augi, and the rest of the amazing talent from everyone at Trendy, and to my closest buddies: Kein, Bob Ross, VengefulMonk, Maverick, Fury, Duster, Endless, Nibbler, and good 'ol Jim Wayne Todd!
Augi Lye
Special Thanks to out Angel Ken McGurn & David Whittney, & to the city of Gainesville. Keep on rockin'
Jacob Schieck
Thanks to my family for all the great support
Clifton Poli
To my friends and family for their support
Rodrigo Lizarraga
Thanks to Boon, my mom, and Adobe for making an amazing product suite!
Jason Hillhouse
Thanks to everyone who supported and worked with me these past few years. Its been quite a ride.
Adrian Hayes-Santos
Thank you Katie, Mom, Dad and everyone at Trendy
Special Thanks to Rene Pudwell for the German translation

Dungeon Defenders

76 /100

Released: 2010

Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG where you must save the land of Etheria from an Ancient Evil! Create a hero from one of four distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning...