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Dungeons of Dredmor (Credits)

Gaslamp Games

Nicholas ViningLead Programmer, Game Design
David BaumgartPrincipal Artist, Game Design
Daniel JacobsonBusiness Director, Programmer, Game Design
Matthew SteeleSound Effects, Music and Announcer
Derek BonnerWebsite and Systems Administration
Chris DykstraDirector of Business Development
Chris TrioloMonster Animation
Chris WhitmanExpansion Code
Ryan C. GordonPorts and Hackmastery
Nick AlexanderOriginal OS X Port, Expansion Code
With the help of these fine people
Bryan RathmanPrincipal Character Animation
Guilherme S. ToewsAdditional Content
Tim WexfordCharacter Animation
Ben McGrawExecutive Producer
Jason C. ReedFont Wrangling
You Have To Name The Expansion Pack Brought to you by
James RaineFaxPax
Rolfe Blythdon BergstromInterior Dredmorating
Michael DanielsonSkills Rebalancing, Warlockery
Alexander ValenciaClockwork Knights/Rogue
Jason CarrBattle Geology
with thanks to
Sean BarrettSmall, Useful Libraries
Daniel HarrisArt That Got Cut
Jon WoffordArt That Got Cut
Anthony JoasArt That Got Cut
Hunter RussellAdditional Additional Character Animation
Pedro SanchezAdditional Additional Character Animation
John RatcliffJohn Ratcliff's Code Suppository - Free sounds!
Beta Testing By
Josh JersildBeta Tester
Alex MosolovBeta Tester
Weston RobinsonBeta Tester
Angelo ScaccianoceBeta Tester
James BarryBeta Tester
Manny HernandezBeta Tester
Brian CritserBeta Tester
Mathieu "Daynab" DugonBeta Tester
Scott YostBeta Tester
Mark PerottiBeta Tester
Alex HavensBeta Tester
Megan SeelyBeta Tester
Kelly ChenBeta Tester
David EverhartBeta Tester
Maciej SawitusBeta Tester
Sean HamiltonBeta Tester
James FunferBeta Tester
Andrew Lin TingBeta Tester
Marcel BirthelmerBeta Tester
Gareth HughesBeta Tester
Will RogersBeta Tester
Tyler JenkinsBeta Tester
Jake RothBeta Tester
Dan SamelaBeta Tester
Pat "Gagflex" BoyerBeta Tester
Paul SoaresBeta Tester
TaxonomicBeta Tester
PakoitoBeta Tester
"Nethertribes"Beta Tester
Charles VermillionBeta Tester
Brian JeffearsBeta Tester
Simon "f0f" BrydonBeta Tester
Spencer "Everdraed" MillinerBeta Tester
Cal LindforsBeta Tester
Brian CritserBeta Tester
Andrew MastenBeta Tester
Scott MacKintoshBeta Tester
StarkRavingMadBeta Tester
AristobulusBeta Tester
IbramBeta Tester
MegaBeta Tester
OrfeoBeta Tester
KrastinovBeta Tester
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Dungeons of Dredmor

73 /100

Released: 2011

The roguelike games are back! enter in this amazing adventure as an giant eyebrow boy or girl, your quest is defeat the lord dredmor and save the kingdom from the forces of dark! Each level is a floor randomly...