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About game Dungeons of Rezrog is a roguelike dungeon crawler with tabletop game aesthetics set in the fantasy world. The goal of the game is to create dynamic and engaging dungeon exploration experience for casual and hardcore players alike. The game’s art style mimics paper board game style, characters made of plastic and placed on plastic chips, while the environment is assembled from cardboard cutouts. Key Features: - Unique party mechanic: You control a party of heroes, one hero at a time. When one hero is in peril another can come to the rescue. - Roguelike: Don't let your party get captured or you will permanently lose it. - Hero builds: Build your hero to suit your play style, equip any skills and equipment, to form unique personalised builds. But keep in mind that equipping the best skills on a single hero, will result in other heroes being underpowered. - RPG: Play as one of the seven brave heroes. Each with unique looks and stats. - Tactical turn-based combat: Carefully plan your actions during the combat, conserve your resources and exploit enemy weaknesses. - Dungeon crawling: Beat various dungeon challenges, avoid traps and lethal encounters to progress. - Procedural content: Infinite dungeon and equipment variations. - Progress persistence: Certain stats and items acquired by a party transition to their successors in the case when the party is lost. - Get to know your enemies: Study encountered monsters to learn their weaknesses and learn to use them in combat. Key Numbers: - 100 levels; - 7 character classes; - 50+ skills; - 50+ unique types of enemies; - 40+ hours of gameplay.