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Dust to Dusk

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Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Come play the new-and-improved version of Dust to Dusk on Steam! Game Overview: Set in a modern Japanese office, this horror-inspired adventure title employs the unique Zapping system, which allows you to play the story from the point of view of multiple characters. Although zapping isn't required to reach the game's true ending, it does fill in plenty of gaps and will help you better under each character's motivation. ... Read More

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Rumors are abound at the Tsukimiya Corporation about a child ghost
that wanders the office halls. In fact, the hushed whispers and paranoia
have grown so readily that the office now shuts it doors promptly
at seven o'clock each night--the same hour this child comes out to play.

One night, Jun Tsukimiya, the corporation's chairman, oversleeps at his
desk and is left alone on the cusp of dusk. And what does this child say
to him when they finally meet?

"You know nothing, Jun Tsukimiya."

Just what is it that he doesn't know? Whatever it is, the clock is stuck
at seven, and he has little choice but to find out.