Dustin Press kit


Dinamic Software

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Amstrad CPC



Dustin is an "escape from Alcatraz" style game for the Sinclair Spectrum. The player controls a convict who must bust his way out of prison and escape from the island. In order to do this the player must beat up prison guards collect/ steal/ barter various items around the prison grounds. The HUD has 8 inventory slots, an alert meter to show whether the guards are on the convicts trail, a clock to show the time of day and an energy meter.

Dustin involves a lot of point-and-click adventure style trial and error gameplay as the convict needs to collect various items in a certain order and then use them in the right places. One of the games difficulties was in finding out whereabouts to go around the prison since a lot of the screens where identical to each other. Dustin is a more primitive version of games like The Great Escape and is part of the legacy of prison break themed titles.


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