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Earth's Dawn

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Genre: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Indie, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PlayStation Network, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows)

"Developed by OneorEight and previously released in Japan under the name Earth Wars, "Earth’s Dawn" fuses frenetic side-scrolling action mechanics with RPG elements and a hard-edged manga aesthetic to deliver a deep and unique gameplay experience. From the outset Earth’s Dawn gives gamers the freedom to enjoy the game their way – from creating their own character; customization of skill trees to augment abilities best suite... Read More

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"After decades of peace, the Earth was decimated by an invasion from an alien race known to humans as E.B.E. The E.B.E. moved across the planet like a plague of locusts, consuming anything in their path and wiping out most of humanity. All attempts to fight back were futile, as the E.B.E. appeared to be resilient to every kind of weapon that mankind could offer.

At the last moment a breakthrough was made: by using weaponry crafted from the E.B.E’s own technology, a weakness was discovered that could be exploited. Bionic implants were quickly developed and implanted into the most superior forces left alive, creating super soldiers capable of taking the fight to the E.B.E. A plan was devised and the objective was clear: retake Earth at all costs and drive the E.B.E. to the edge of extinction as they had once us."