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Earthworm Jim

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Genre: Adventure, Platform, Shooter

Platforms: Virtual Console (Nintendo), iOS, PC DOS, Sega Master System, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Sega Game Gear, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

A crow is chasing a worm named Jim while in outer space Psy-Crow is chasing a renegade ship. The ship's captain has stolen an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt has ordered Psy-Crow to get it, since it can make her more beautiful than Princess-What's-Her-Name. Psy-Crow blasts the captain and the suit falls to Planet Earth. Back on earth Jim wonders if he is finally safe when an u... Read More

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