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El Matador

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Genre: Shooter

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

Experience the adrenaline-fuelled danger and heart-pounding excitement in the war on organised drug syndicates. When standard procedures fail, the hardliners are brought in. Become El Matador, a DEA special agent tasked with taking down the drug barons. A new narcotics cartel is rising across Central and South America, sharpening its claws and extending its reach. Locate the encampments, infiltrate the headquarters, and put a... Read More

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Colombia, South America. All agents at DEA South-American headquarters get killed in a brutal assault. The new drug gang called La Valedora stick to their aim - become the most powerful drug mafia in the area - and everybody who gets in their way is eliminated with no grace.

When standard procedures fail, the DEA send their best man.

Victor Corbet is a special mission agent, whose task is to eliminate the boss of La Valedora and destroy this drug cartel. His fellow fighters are members of Bogota Anti-drug Department - captain Carlos Enterador and lieutenant Mia Rodriguez.

Together, they need to face the drug mafia in a bloody single-winner fight.