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akk3d1s's review of Elden Ring [10.0/10]

Having played all the souls games from FromSoftware, except DS3 and Sekiro, Elden Ring ranks as my favourite. It is also the easiest due to the tools being provided, but can be the hardest for the purists not wishing to use summons. Apart from that, I have to give credit to how they approached the open world. Most open world games these days a...

Anonymous's review of Elden Ring [9.0/10]

Love this kind of games, the harder the better! Graphic design is superb

DingleDongle's review of Elden Ring [10.0/10]

This is the best open world game I've ever played. I've always had an issue with open world games feeling empty or like big checksheets, and this game solved this issue very well. The world felt full and had a breath of life, and those that didn't seemed designed that way for a reason. The map never tells you where to go but is detailed just eno...