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The action takes place inside the warehouse owned by Uncle Claude of “Sincrum Research". You are Freddy, a young employee of Uncle Claude. There is a rumour spreading around, among the workers, that Uncle Claude is secretly going to increase the prices of his products which might meana the loss of jobs. A vote was taken and it was decided that you must stop Claude by packing away all the products and shipping them off to the shops. You enter the warehouse in the dead of night to start your task but look, there’s Claude!!!
You must push the products onto the conveyor belt. If Claude catches you you are kicked out of the door where an ambulance will rush you to hospital. You have 3 chances to save your fellow workers from redundancy but an extra chance will be awarded at 5000 points. You must avoid the deadly spectrims that Claude throws at you when he gets angry. Also Claude has hired the services of Satsuma Inc, who
throw oracs from the roof - you’d better watch out for those too!!! You can make your task easier by knocking Claude off his feet. You do this by pushing one of the products onto him, from above or below (not from the sides).

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