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EMIT: Value Pack

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Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel

Platforms: Sega Saturn, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), PC-98

A compilation of Koei's three EMIT games: visual novels with a CD audio component.

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EMIT Vol. 1: Toki no Maigo:
On October 5, 1994, a seventeen year old high school student named Yuri meets a polite yet mysterious elderly gentleman at the crosswalk. Although puzzled by his questions, she answers them honestly to the best of her ability. As Yuri walks across the street, she hears the man mutter the word "Emit" to her. Yuri thinks nothing of the conversation until an oddly familiar yet attractive young man approaches her a month later on the street.

EMIT Vol. 2: Inochigake no Tabi:
After Yuri's friend Outa Ichirou tells her that he met her the other day, even though Yuri hasn't seen Ichirou for a year, it becomes clear that a dimensional doppelganger is trying to steal her identity.

EMIT Vol. 3: Watashi ni Sayonara o:
Ichirou and Yuri's mother start getting suspicious of the doppelganger, not to mention that Yuri's return wrecks her plans to steal her identity.