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Empire II: Interstellar Sharks

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Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: Apple II

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They want a piece of the action. They want success and all its spoils. They want the ultimate independence of owning a personal spacecraft, equipped to conquer the interstellar void. Wealth is the ticket at the height of the Empire. It moves you up the corporate ladder. It outfits your spaceship. It can buy your freedom, but be prepared for the risk. As a pilot, businessperson, or diplomat, pursuit of the hot deal might take you though the sprawl of the Empire's cities, into the vacuum of Fyrokken's airless mines, or onto the cutthroat floor of Cobol's stock exchange. A web of red tape awaits you. Will you be able to dodge the snares of bureaucratic regulations? Can you win the covert game playing of the Imperial monopolies? Can you survive the feeding frenzy of the Empire's interstellar sharks?