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Endless Ocean

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Genre: Adventure, Simulator

Platforms: Wii

Endless Ocean is the third installment in the Everblue series, games focused on exploring an underwater world. The main focus of the game is exploration of the game world and cataloguing the various species of animals found there. Endless Ocean slightly differs from its predecessors in that the traditional "game elements" have been mostly removed - where Everblue 2 set a goal for the player by having them search for treasure u... Read More

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48 reviews

Average 56%

This game had some great features. It is great to just go swimming around in the ocean looking at fish. The game is nice and relaxing with relaxing music and sounds of the ocean. I enjoy finding and learning about all the fish and other creatures. Each creature gets three sets of information about itself. Which is a bit weird on how to retrieve it. The first set you just find the animal and interact with it by shaking the Wii Mote around. Then th... Read More