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The Protagonist is a 19-year-old girl who is looking to find a direction for her life. From a young age, she is passionate about music, however, her "talent" leaves something to be desired. For these and other reasons, she has moved to a big city, which has many possibilities for her to grow up and has been living in a small one-room apartment while working in a department store.

After a tiring day at work, she decides to go to a festival that takes place annually in several cities in the state, mainly in the capital, popularly called "Pecuária" or "Expô-Goiânia". This festival brings together an amusement park, typical food stalls, cattle exhibitions and the main one, shows by famous country singers.

After being completely disappointed that the show's singer uses playback, our protagonist decides to leave, which is her worst decision of the night.

Many misunderstandings and small disasters happen one after the other and leave her without a job, housing and trapped inside the farm of a cocky country singer.