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Escape from Monkey Island (Credits)


Sean ClarkStory, Game Design and Project Lead
Michael StemmleStory, Game Design and Project Lead
Michelle HinnersLead Programmer
Randy StevensonSystems Programmer and Additional Design
Ryan DanzGame Scripting, Additional Design and Dialogue
Richard SunGame Scripting, Additional Design and Dialogue
Karen PetersenGame Scripting
David Graham McDermottGame Scripting
Geoff GatesAudio Programmer
Chris MilesLead Artist
Kim Balestreri3D Background
Eddie Del Rio3D Background
Bernard Eral3D Background
Shayne Herrera3D Background
Kathy Hsieh3D Background
Paul Pierce3D Background
Jacob Stephens3D Background
Kristen Russell3D Backgrounds and Cinematic Lighting
Daniel Colon Jr.Cinematic Lighting and Art Tool Specialist
Marc OverneyLead Animator and 3D Animation
Christina Boyle3D Animation, Character Models and Animation Set Up
Lisa Wong3D Animation, Character Models and Animation Set Up
Yang-Ja Ballard3D Animation
David Bogan3D Animation
Sandy Christensen3D Animation
Cathy Feraday3D Animation
Ryan Gong3D Animation
Roger Liu3D Animation
Armando Lluch3D Animation
Razmig Mavlian3D Animation
Yuhon Ng3D Animation
Rebecca Perez3D Animation
Charlie Ramos3D Animation
Chris Schultz3D Animation
David Weinstein3D Animation
Joe White3D Animation
Kameron Gates3D Animation
Tim Tao3D Object Models and Textures
Nathan StapleyTextures
Molly MendozaTextures
Michelle SullivanTextures
Josef RichardsonPost-Production Visual Effects
Mike TerpstraPost-Production Visual Effects
Alisha PiccirilloLead Technical Artist
Sean MarrTechnical Artist
Daryl SmolenTechnical Artist
Yang-Ja BallardConcept Art
Eddie Del RioConcept Art
Kathy HsiehConcept Art
Chris MilesConcept Art
Nathan StapleyConcept Art
Linda Villalobos GrisantiProduction Manager
Christopher TuiteProduction Coordinator
Joe LigmanInstaller and Launcher Programmer
Steve DykesTools Programmer
Charlie SmithTools Programmer
Mark BlattelAdditional Programming
Kevin BrunerAdditional Programming
Eric JohnstonAdditional Programming
Bret MogilefskyAdditional Programming
Jeffrey KemberAdditional Post-Production Visual Effects
Jeff WozniakAdditional Post-Production Visual Effects
Paul A. DaviesAdditional 3D Models
Lea Mai NguyenAdditional 3D Models
Jim RiceAdditional 3D Models
Diane DybalskiAdditional Technical Art
Darragh O'FarrellVoice Producer and Director
Peggy BartlettVoice Production Supervisor
Cindy WongVoice Editor
Hans LarsonVoice Editor
Coya ElliottVoice Editor
Clint BajakianMusic Supervisor
Clint BajakianMusic Composer
Michael LandMusic Composer
Peter McConnellMusic Composer
Anna KarneyMusic Composer
Michael LandeMusic Composer
Jeff KlimentSound Department Manager
Larry The OSound Department Supervisor
Malena SlettomSound Department Coordinator
Nick PeckSenior Sound Desinger
J WhiteSoun Designer
Jory K. PrumSoun Designer
Michael FrayneSoun Designer
Stan WeaverSoun Designer
David LevisonSoun Designer
David Wayne CollinsSoun Designer
Andrew CheneySoun Designer
John BuzolichLead Tester
Jo AshburnTester
Michael BlairTester
Louis BliemeisterTester
Leyton ChewTester
Brandy M. ChildsTester
Stephen HancockTester
Peter LimTester
Ricardo LiuTester
Chris SnyderTester
Chris SusenTester
Joseph John Talavera IITester
Quentin WestcottTester
Jeff SandersInternational Lead Tester
Chip HinnenbergCompatibility Supervisot
Lynn TaylorSenior Compatibility Technician
G.W. ChildsCompatibility Technician
Darryl CobbCompatibility Technician
Jim DavisonCompatibility Technician
Doyle GilstrapCompatibility Technician
Dan MartinezCompatibility Technician
John Von EichhornCompatibility Technician
Lynn TaylorTechnical Writer
Chip HinnenbergTechnical Writer
Doyle GilstrapTechnical Writer
Jo AshburnStrategy Guide
Wendy KaplanCD Burning Goddess
Kellie WalkerCD Burning Goddess
Paul PurdyProduct Support Manager
Kim MashburnProduct Support Point Person
Tabitha TostiHint Line Specialist
Darren HedgesManager of International Production
Sarah MillerLocalization Coordinator
Tom ByronDirector of Product Marketing
Jim PassalacquaInternet Manager
Scott BarrettWeb Master
Patty HillCreative Services Manager
Chris InclenrockGraphic Designer
Mollie BoeroMarketing Project Specilist and Documentation Editor
Jo AshburnManual Writer
Karina HallumMarketing Coordinator
Soo Hoo DesignPackage Design (Support Company)
Tom SarrisPublic Relations Director
Heather Twist PhillipsPublic Relations Manager
Thea Crosby-LevinePublic Relations Coordinator
Alexis MervinPublic Relations Assistant
Lisa StarInternational Business and Operations Manager
Andrea DunningInternational Business and Sales Analyst
Kristi KaufmanInternational Assistant
Simon EtchellsInternational Marketing Manager
Kathy Apostoli-GreeneInternational Public Relations Coordinator
Meredith CahillDirector of Sales
Tim MooreChannel Marketing Manager
Katy WaldenCHannel Marketing Specialist
Mike MaguireSales Coordinator
Greg RoblesSales Analyst
Jason HorstmanDirector of Sales Operations
Donald AgoSales Operations
Judy AllenSales Operations
Evelyne BollingSales Operations
Scott FrySales Operations
Seon LeeSales Operations
Emery LowSales Operations
Jason PerieraSales Operations
Trish YoungSales Operations
Logan ParrDirector Sales
Emily DuvalDirector Sales
Simon JefferyPresident
Randy BreenVice President of Development
Mary BihrVice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Malcolm JohnsonDirector of Technology
Karen CheliniDirector of Art
Camela MartinDirector of Production Services
Mike NelsonVice President of Finance and Administration
Tom McCarthyController
Seth SteinbergDirector of Business Affairs
Matt WhiteArt Department Manager
Mark CartwrightManager of Level Design
Scot BrewManager of Technical Art
Dan PettitManager of Quality Assurance
Theresa O'ConnorQuality Assurance Supervisor
Andre BremerManager of Tools Development
Jeff WagonerSenior Manager of Information Services
Matthew FillbrandtBusiness Affairs
Jannett Shirley-PaulBusiness Affairs
Anne N. BarkerBusiness Affairs
Allison PurdyArt Department Administrtion
Lisa SwartArt Department Administrtion
Cleopatra Boxill-ClarkAdministrative Services
Catherine DurandAdministrative Services
Victor FajardoAdministrative Services
Denise GollaherAdministrative Services
Chris HowardAdministrative Services
Jon KnowlesAdministrative Services
Susan LevinAdministrative Services
Sandi ManesisAdministrative Services
Gabriel McDonaldAdministrative Services
Chris BrodyInformation Services
John DoakInformation Services
John HannonInformation Services
Daryll JacobsonInformation Services
Christer McAllisterInformation Services
Andy TomaselloInformation Services
Chad WilliamsInformation Services
Brian CarlsonProduct Support
Brandy M. ChildsProduct Support
Jay GeraciProduct Support
Brad GranthamProduct Support
Eric KnudsonProduct Support
Jason LeeProduct Support
Kim MashburnProduct Support
Bob McGeheeProduct Support
Alice McKinneyProduct Support
Eric RauchProduct Support
Jason SmithProduct Support
Scott TaylorProduct Support
Jay TyeProduct Support
Quentin WestcottProduct Support
Andrea YelleDirector of Human Resources
Carrie GalavizHuman Resources
Jennifer JigalinHuman Resources
Stephanie LymanHuman Resources
Danielle SchofieldHuman Resources
Carren RussoHuman Resources
Laurie BaggsFinance
Gemma BaiocchiFinance
Neena BonettiFinance
Debbie EpidendioFinance
Melissa GaliciaFinance
Kathleen GallagherFinance
Teena GaulkeFinance
Moira HogueFinance
Michelle LessleyFinance
Dan NystromFinance
Christine PriceFinance
Mary Beth RattoFinance
Cynthia RodriguezFinance
Dan TyeFinance
Matt UrbanFinance
Robin VisayaFinance
Richard QuiñonesPurchasing
Ron GilbertBased on Characters by
Michael LandiMUSE System
Peter McConnelliMUSE System
Michael McMahoniMUSE System
Ernie SheesleyAudio Engineer
Mike DraghiAudio Engineer
Larry The OAudio Engineer
Christina CornejoAssistant Audio Engineer
Lisa CarlonAssistant Audio Engineer
Screen Music StudiosVoice Recording Locations (Support Company)
Studio CityVoice Recording Locations (Support Company)
Eric BermenderSpecial Thanks
Andy HendricksonSpecial Thanks
Ken BeyerSpecial Thanks
Jeff KingSpecial Thanks
Tamlynn NiglioSpecial Thanks
Hans WinoldSpecial Thanks
Wendy ClarkSpecial Thanks
Michael GrisantiSpecial Thanks
Belkys Barbara PerezSpecial Thanks
Cassia DominquezSpecial Thanks
Chris GatesSpecial Thanks
Pamela TuiteSpecial Thanks
Billy HinnersSpecial Thanks
Lee BallardSpecial Thanks
John LyonsSpecial Thanks
Pat PidgeSpecial Thanks
John PidgeSpecial Thanks
David JensonSpecial Thanks
Mari DanzSpecial Thanks
Anjani Devi StevensonSpecial Thanks
John BallackSpecial Thanks
Elbert Ray LyonsSpecial Thanks
Alex SaymoSpecial Thanks
Bernard SaymoSpecial Thanks
Anna HoltSpecial Thanks
Shawna HoltSpecial Thanks
Aubrey WrightSpecial Thanks
Emily GudemanSpecial Thanks
Michael Shatto IIISpecial Thanks
Sandra Del RioSpecial Thanks
Kaylena Del RioSpecial Thanks
Nicholas HernandezSpecial Thanks
Noah TannerSpecial Thanks
Elizabeth HernandezSpecial Thanks
Alicia TravisSpecial Thanks
Ho'okukane JoseSpecial Thanks
Emmanuel ShiuSpecial Thanks
Peggy StokSpecial Thanks
George LucasVery Special Thanks


Guybrush Threepwood
Elaine Marley-ThreepwoodNo image
Charles L. CharlesNo image
Ozzie MandrillNo image
Admiral Ricardo CasabaNo image
Bagel the LUA Bar PatronNo image
Bank ManagerNo image
Brittany the Bank TellerNo image
Caricature ArtistNo image
Carla the SwordmasterNo image
Castaneda the ChessplayerNo image
Clive the TouristNo image
Dainty Lady FigureheadNo image
DaisyNo image
Deadeye DaveNo image
Digg the Lucre LawyerNo image
DrunkNo image
DrunkNo image
EstabanNo image
FreddieNo image
GeorgeNo image
Gunner SimkinsNo image
Harbor MistressNo image
HecklerNo image
HellbeardNo image
Herman ToothrotNo image
Ignatius CheeseNo image
Inspector CanardNo image
JoJo Jr.No image
Judge EddNo image
Judge KahunaNo image
Judge TrippsNo image
Jumbeaux LaFeetNo image
LUA Bar ChefNo image
LUA Bar WaitressNo image
Mabel the TouristNo image
Manatee OperatorNo image
Marco de PolloNo image
MeathookNo image
Monty the TouristNo image
Miss RiversNo image
MungleNo image
MurrayNo image
NedNo image
OtisNo image
ParrotNo image
Pegnose PeteNo image
Perfume SpritzerNo image
Plant Theepw. WaitressNo image
Reverend RasputinNo image
Salty the Bait Shoppe OwnerNo image
Santiago the ChessplayerNo image
SCUMM BartenderNo image
StanNo image
StarBuccaneer's™ ClerkNo image
Thrawtle the Lucre LawyerNo image
Three-Headed MonkeyNo image
Timmy the MonkeyNo image
Tony the Catapult OperatorNo image
Voodoo LadyNo image
Whipp the Lucre LawyerNo image
Yangja the Pirate StudentNo image
Yoshen the LUA Bar PatronNo image
MonkeyNo image
Monkey 3No image
Monkey 4No image
Pirate 1No image
Pirate 2No image
Pirate 3No image
Pirate 4No image
Pirate 5No image
Pirate 6No image
Pirate ANo image
Pirate BNo image
Pirate CNo image

Escape from Monkey Island

75 /100

Released: 2000

This is the fourth chapter of the Monkey Island series. As normal, prepare to find lots of salty humor and engaging game play from this legendary series. Loaded with lusciously rendered backgrounds and more monkeys...