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Eternal Card Game

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Genre: Puzzle, Strategy

Platforms: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)

Eternal is a free-to-play online collectible card video game developed and published by Dire Wolf Digital. Eternal is currently available, as an open beta, for iPhone and iPad iOS devices on the App Store, PCs using Steam, and for Android devices using Google Play. The game features cross-platform play, allowing players to use any of the supported platforms to compete with each other. The game is a turn-based card game betw... Read More

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Unimpressive 50%

This game is a good take on the Digital Card Game genre, it combines the mechanics depth of Magic the Gathering with simplicity and beauty of Hearthstone. The f2p model here isn't obnoxious, you can totally play this as a free game, but ofc if you want a full collection at all times you can hurry it up with some packs. There are several gamemodes including some singleplayer ones (vs AI) for the times you are just not feeling the urge to play vs p... Read More


The Eternal Throne:

Eternal is the story of the struggle for the Eternal Throne of Myria when it is left vacant by the disappearance of King Caiphus. The Throne itself has magical properties, as depicted in the epilogue to the Empty Throne campaign, but the scope and nature of its abilities are currently unclear.


The Scions from left to right: Kaleb, Eilyn, Rolant, Vara and Talir
King Caiphus is gone; those with the strongest claim to the vacant Eternal Throne are the five "Scions" in Eternal - powerful characters who could claim the Eternal Throne while having their own agendas to pursue.

Rolant is the Commander of the Crownwatch, the acting Regent of Argenport in the absence of an official ruler and Caiphus' uncle. He attempts to maintain order using his army, which starts a civil war within the city.

Eilyn is a powerful shaman of the barbarian tribes that nearly destroyed Argenport before a truce was reached that culminated with her marriage to King Caiphus.

Kaleb is a headstrong warrior with little interest in politics, whose status as Caiphus' illegitimate son with an unknown mother has weakened his claim to the throne.

Vara is the favored heir to the Eternal Throne as Caiphus' daughter, but has grown tired of being a political pawn of others so explores the Shadowlands for her own ends.

Talir is among the most gifted magic users in Myria. She is Caiphus' sister and the Arch Magister of the Praxis Arcanum.

Other characters:

Caiphus is the former occupant of the Eternal Throne. Each of the Scions is defined by their relationship to him.
Jekk, the Bounty Hunter is the protagonist and narrator of the opening cinematic, as well as the Jekk's Bounty campaign.

Icaria was the first Valkyrie and their Captain but turned against Rolant to lead a rebellion against his rule.
Azindel took down Caiphus that ended up braking the seal of the Eternal Throne. Azindel has guided Vara through the Shadowlands and gave her a magical amulet that erased her memories.

The Strangers are an army of men whose faces are marked with a glowing purple symbol created by Azindel.
Horus Traver is a simple homesteader who gets caught up in the struggle for the Eternal Throne.