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Releasing: November 27, 2014

The Fafnir Knight is the second game in the Untold series which are to be remakes of the original Etrian Odyssey games. The games are first person RPG dungeon crawlers where you create a map of the labyrinth as you explore and complete quests.

The game features two game modes. The story mode, has a pre-made party with a more in-depth story that has voice acting and animated cutscenes, and a classic mode, customize a party of 5 to explore the Yggdrasil labyrinth.

The game also has some DLC that was free the first week of it's release for those who had the game the first month. The DLC is available in individual parts for $1-$3 dollars. It costs a total of $23 US or $30 Canadian for all the DLC.