Everlasting Summer

Genre: Adventure

Semyon, a poster child contemporary chan culture consumer, falls asleep in the bus, only to wake up in front of the gates of Sovyonok, a pioneer camp of the late Soviet Russia. Everlasting Summer (Бесконечное лето in Russian) is a time-warping, mind-bending visual novel with some eroge content, produced by the collective efforts of Russian chan com... Read More

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9 reviews

Great 100%

- Summer camps in Russia, with actually GOOD WEATHER. They didn't were cheapstakes in that. - Communist lolis with impossible hair, the ultimate combination of russian and japanese absurdity. - Strange fanserivce censored by Steam. - Excellent artwork, which it is made obviously by one author, and it doesn't change in any noticeable way of style, seriously. - Lolis with CCCP t-shirts. - Plot that screams "2 d33p 4 u" the second you start playing... Read More


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