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Hibos Review [10.0/10]

Hibo created

List of things that could interest you from this game. [10.0/10]

kimono created

- Summer camps in Russia, with actually GOOD WEATHER. They didn't were cheapstakes in that. - Communist lolis with impossible hair, the ultimate combination of russian and japanese absurdity. - Strange fanserivce censored by Steam. - Excellent artwork, which it is made obviously by one author, and it doesn't change in any noticeable way of ...

RoleplayeRs Review [9.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

I am not really into visual novel type of games (or at least, I think I'm not), this is the second game of this genre I've played so far (first being Va-11 Hall-A) and I am either really lucky with the quality of VN I choose to play or I might actually be a secret fan of this genre. This looks like a classic anime-style visual novel. Pretty pat...