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Eye of the beholder II: The legend of Darkmoon is an all-3D leisure series computer role-playing adventure based on the popular AD&D 2nd edition game rules and on an original story created for this game. THe action takes place in and around the dreaded temple Darkmoon located in TSR's Forgotten Realms gameworld.

Everything in Eye of the Beholder II is from your point of view. Watch the trees pass by as you move through the forest around the temple. Pick up items and take them with you. Open door with keys, by pressing buttons or by pulling release levers. See monsters draw nearer to you and close in for battle. Attack with the weapons your characters have in their hands. Cas spells with your Cleric's or Paladin's hoily symbols and your mages' spell books. Those in the front of the party may attack with weapons such as swords and maces, while characters in the rear ranks may attack with spells or ranged weapons such as bows and slings.